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  2. 19" Rack MBFM with extended frontpanel

    Seems to be matricing... Could you explain how you connected the leds and switches, which example did you take?(There is a lot here, try BLM as keyword search). I don't understand why some of the switches are connected to 3 busses and Vc which seems to be... a ground? it can't be with a matrix connection. :/ There's maybe a misunderstanding, you don't need to connect both 'normally open' terminals, check the datasheet cause they are often internally connected and used for PCB routing ease, anyway you need only one terminal. Seems to miss some diodes for the switches too, there's no pull-up resistors but they are maybe close to the ICs and on an other diagram.   @latigid on is better than me for BLM stuff it might be more clear for him ;)  but @Thomasch better if you explain a few first... Best
  3. Troubleshooting midiphy SEQ v4+

    Ahhh! I should have read the thread I see Karg just had the same problem! Looks like I have the wrong part too. thanks all.   Update, and of course it all works perfectly!
  4. Troubleshooting midiphy SEQ v4+

    Hey guys having some issues with my jog wheel module. I think my core is ok, I can load programs and scripts and connect without issue. I'm trying to test the jog wheel module and getting crazy results. After loading the seq_l script no buttons work and all LED's light up. when i touch the back of the PCB everything goes crazy. tons of input to MIOS studio and random LED's lighting up. I check each led orientation as well as the diodes and other parts. I reflowed everything with the exact same behavior. All of my parts came from the Mouser list I imported on the Midiphy site. thanks, Luke
  5. 19" Rack MBFM with extended frontpanel

    I have a question regarding Eeschema (i use KiCad). I wired all Vc connections to the bus, is that ok or should i use ground symbols instead of connecting Vc to the bus? I ask, because i have no clue, if Kicad might build it's ratnest differently, when it has to wire a ground line, or maybe theres any other reason i didn't tink of, not to wire Vc to a bus. MBFM_Frontpanel_PCB_ v.03.pdf MBFM_Frontpanel_PCB v.03.sch
  6. 19" Rack MBFM with extended frontpanel

    But he didn't reply after I don't know if it was working for him. Best regards
  7. 19" Rack MBFM with extended frontpanel

    There's a ready-made driver for MIOS32.
  8. midiphy SEQ v4+

    @Dimduj just a two quick answers, probably not everything covered: * SHIFT on the new v4+ frontpanel equals the SELECT button on the old one - in this context, if you have a look at the handbook: and search for "SELECT" (with case sensitive search!) you will see all the context-specific features it enables, just as an example, in the track transpose screen, SHIFT switches between Octave and Semitone transposition selection * Follow Mode (also when not recording) can be enabled by pressing the MENU + EXIT buttons simultaneously, it should work all the time. When it is off and you are recording, the display should jump to the step range only when new notes are "entered" i think, so i'd recommend to use the standard "follow" feature by just pressing MENU + EXIT. Many greets and enjoy! Peter
  9. 19" Rack MBFM with extended frontpanel

    That's what I say, add 3/10 mm and you'll be fine for a soft mount, dust won't come in that much and aestheticly it's not noticeable Best Zam
  10. 19" Rack MBFM with extended frontpanel

    The DPDT momentary switches i will use, are much taller than most tactile switches and i realised, that there might be a problem with the height, because the rotary encoders are too short to have switches and encoders on one board. It seems i have to make 2 small extra pcbs for the encoders and put them on shorter spacers, to get them closer to the prontplate. This sucks a little bit, because it will need more space for additional screws and some additional pinheaders.
  11. 19" Rack MBFM with extended frontpanel

    My english is not the best, , so what means 15/100 error at tangent? I understand it in a way, that there will be a tolerance of +- 15%? It would be cool to fit the LEDs without any gap into the frontplate, because gaps are always pulling dust like magnets (and they are hard to clean afterwards). Because of tolerances a little bit of gap between hole and LED might be necessary. Just enough, that it don't needs any force to slide the LEDs in. I might have to add a bevel to the cutouts from the backside, to give the LEDs a little lead sliding into the cutouts. I'm sure this will prevent a lot of frustration while installing the pcb to the frontplate eventually.
  12. Last week
  13. yep... almost two years back (thinking about one) but more precisely, this is not the app (.hex) but the change in code. You can copy/replace that at the correct place, IIRC the only change I made to "fake" raw dual CC as NRPN (note that standard NRPN won't work any more but HUI don't use it) I can also provide the compiled app which should be based on NG1.035 or 1.036 (don't remember what's up at that time), so not up to date regarding newer implementations. Best Zam ps: I sent you an email earlier today    
  14. Thanks very much for all the info, Zam! So that is the actual app that you posted 8/30/17?
  15. midiphy SEQ v4+

    Hi ! i’ m exploring the features of the midi box seq v4+ and I got some questions. Sorry because it is probably noob’s questions but I didn’t find informations on the docs... hope it is the good thread ;) What is the purpose of the  MEC “Shift”  button of the seq v4+ ? Is their a way to just copy a specific trigger/param. What if I just copy/paste the accent trigger but not the gate trigger between tracks ? How can activate the step forwarding when I do not record ? When playing with live mode activate the seq do not jump to steps over 16. Is this the normal behaviour? when in recording with live mode activated, the seq will. It  jump to next steps ( 17-32) only their a way to activate the forwarding not only the first time. Cheers  
  16. here is the HUI modification at MB_NG  
  17. MF_NG  only handle fader data and touch with various protocol, including HUI when used via DIN5 If you want extra button and led (DIN/DOUT) you need MB_NG and core32, as connect MF_NG to core where you lost the HUI option (MIOS32 don't handle as is the HUI raw midi "double CC" data) this is more or less what I design except the linear motor driver in place of the MF_NG PWM driver I have compiled a special MB_NG app which handle HUI data, as config files (.NGR .NGC) for it, but I don't look into this since a year I think... I have no issue to share this files, but there is no "official" support for it (nor extensive and long run test) Best Zam  
  18. I ultimately would like to integrate Penny and Giles 3200 faders into my system as the servo control and adapt them to run the wiper on the existing audio track on my API faders. Either that or add a motor to the API faders and attach a servo track. I might also order a TKD MF-9101 A to see how I like it. One thing that I don’t understand yet- will I have to write my own code for HUI handling of mutes and automation read-write and run that with MB_NG on a separate core? MF_NG and it’s application are strictly for motor control of faders, correct? Thanks!
  19. Hello Before going further you have to fit the fader in the console and test audio with it... You'll see if FM_NG work for you regarding noise, both EMI and sliding (from my experience the cheap ALPS  with carbon track have lot of wiper sliding noise) As already say I was able to use HUI protocol (special MB_NG compilation to handle HUI dual CC which is not NRPN ), but not tested with PT. I also test long time ago (don't remember details...) to run the system in MCU and use miditranslator to convert the data to raw midi HUI (wile the DAW set to HUI) which worked. Anyway, my system is way more expensive than a MF_NG + alps fader, so if what you achieve with this setup fit your need you better stick with it. Best Zam  
  20. [FS] MB 6582 with 4 SIDs

    i might be interested. still available?
  21. I am working on a “flying faders” type retrofit for my MCI 416A console to use with Protools. So far I have an Alps dual track fader working with the MF NG module, and I have nice two-way fader communication with Protools but have not tried to pass audio through the fader yet. I understand my biggest challenges will be noise in the audio from the fader control system and the implementation of mutes and automation read/write from the hardware fader. I thought your system might work for me, but I realize you are not using Protools... Feel free to email me at
  22. 19" Rack MBFM with extended frontpanel

    The "round" with 1mm milling tools represent 15/100 "error" at tangent also, 5x3mm milling for 5x3mm LED will probably not fit, you need anyway little room for "soft" mounting 5.3x3.3 mm cutout with 1mm tool (0.5mm round at corner) is fine and you'll probably never notice 15/100mm room around the led. Then there is the option to mill "inside" the corner, don't know the name of this technic, but it work too, close to unnoticeable by eyes with 1mm tool Best Zam  
  23. 19" Rack MBFM with extended frontpanel

    You could always get a panel laser cut, that way the corner radius could be 0.15mm or less. That's fairly much square. If you push the LEDs through, the corners might also be "shaved" off in the process, no issue! We stock a quality white OLED. Simplest would be to use  this with a red acrylic "gel" or even have the whole window milled from transparent red acrylic. Are you using MIOS8 or MIOS32? The OLED driver works for MIOS32 but I don't know about MIOS8.      
  24. 19" Rack MBFM with extended frontpanel

    I want to use rectangular 2mm x 5mm LEDs, because they look so much cooler than the regular round ones. But i realized quickly, that traditional CNC milling will always make rounded edges on the cutouts in the panel, with the size of the diameter of the milling tool. This will make it hard to fit a rectangular LED into the cutout without adding additional gap width to the cutout or sanding the edges of the LED. I will have to checkout if laser cutting, punching or something else might be the solution for my problem. Any hints from the more experienced case builders are highly welcomed. When i dived into the deep of the web for sourcing parts, i ran into those nice 40x2 OLED displays with WS0010, RS0010 and OLED-0010 controller. Would be nice to use one of these OLEDs on my build. Are the WS0010/RS0010/OLED-0010 OLEDs compatible with the HD44780 driven LCD Displays that we typicaly use on the MIDIbox FM? Actually i'm looking for a red 40x2 OLED for a little bit of DX1 touch, but it seems there is no red one. Has anyone found a red 40x2 OLED somewhere?
  25. Hi folks. I've build a MIDIbox FM years ago and had a lot of fun with it in the last years, but i've never taken the time to design the beautiful case that this synth deserves. It might have to do with the fact, that building something really cool would make the sausage casing more expensive than the sausage. However, in the last days i came to the conclusion, that now it's the time to build something nice and i started with it. Unfortunately i never made a professional designed PCB by myself, but this time the handwired strip boards i used with my projects in the past wont do the trick.Same goes fpr 3d design and cnc milling of the frontpanel, never done anything like this. Actually i'm in the process of learning KiCad and FreeCAD and as i quickly realized, there are a lot of other skills and knowledge i have to learn before. The goal is a 19" case with the extended user interface. The matrix row/column buttons of the original expansion design will be extended to a dedicated button for every single function. To make this work without having to change the code, i want to use DPDT tactile switches, which are really a rare breed out there. Here are the first results of what i've learned until now:
  26. MIDIbox SCE

    Let's put it this way: it is still on my to do list, but this list has not become any shorter in the last years... In the meantime, and if you're in a hurry, you might want to check out the WaveRex card, which does many things the MIDIbox SCE would be able to do (plus some more, but then again not everything ;-)).
  27. [FS] MB 6582 with 4 SIDs

    Still available! Get it now! Before it is too late! ...well, would be cool! :D
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