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  2. Troubleshooting midiphy SEQ v4+

    After a couple of weeks break from the build, I'm back. I tried soldering in the MEC switches that are where the bridge is on both boards. Still no response from SW17-20.....Any other hints where I should look?   I've also noticed some of the LEDs on the JA PCB light up now when running the seq_l code.(SW14-18 light up).
  3. I have programmed a bunch of patches, and i want to use vibrato with modwheel. I have now programmed it with the mod matrix where my source is MdW and target is LD1. then i have another mod matrix connection where LFO1 is targeting all osc pitches. In the LFO page i have set LFO1 depth to 0. This way modwheel controls the amount of LFO1 depth, and i have vibrato with modwheel.  My first world problem is when i am switching patches, the one with this style of programming are vibrating until i touch the modwheel (or go to the knobs page and change the parameter of K#1, that is zero but i have to move it to it actually being zero). This is a small but annoying thing. Am i doing things too complicated to get this basic LFO vibrato with ModWheel thing?
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  5. Hi, Does anyone here do track recording in Ableton Live with MB SEQ? I have problems getting it right, and wondered if anybody had any tips. Setup: MB SEQ V4 (STM32F4) MIDI through USB Lenovo Intel Core i7 / Windows 10 RME Fireface UCX Ableton Live 9   I have tried running Ableton as Master and Slave I have tried with Monitor in Ableton off and on There is always a mismatch, just within a few bars some hits can be be about 6 milliseconds early and some about 6 milliseconds late. Cheers, Hal          
  6. Troubleshooting midiphy SEQ v4+

    There's an address for FOOTSWITCH in the hardware config file, but nothing for gate. Also, I'm pretty sure there is no routing for this in software, but it would be useful for a future update.
  7. Troubleshooting midiphy SEQ v4+

    hi guys   when i send a gate to the GATE input on my v4+..notthing happens Do i need to set anything in the menu ??
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    DE-GENERATOR DIY Synthesizer / Sampler Project block in german: Project block in english: Youtube:   
  10. AVR-Synthesizer "WAVE 1"

    New Video from DE-GENERATOR  
  11. Ableton Live Controller-New Builder!

    Hi, There's a lot of commercial controllers which are very close to your requirements. But if you really want to build your own you can first have a look on this topic. Best regards Bruno
  12. [FS] MIDIBOX SEQv4 in nice red wooden case

    Flavio, i think I am interested in this if you still have it thx george
  13. MIDIbox SEQ V4 Release + Feedback

      Hi Thorsten, Thanks for the answer. Something has to be wrong with if statement, because when I replaced the code line with the if statement that you suggested nothing changed. But, when I replaced the code line with only the else statement code the problem solved. So, to summarise I replaced: SEQ_LED_PinSet(seq_hwcfg_led.beat, (seq_hwcfg_led.measure && measure_led_on) ? 0 : beat_led_on); with SEQ_LED_PinSet(seq_hwcfg_led.beat, beat_led_on); And the beat led worked fine. I thing that something is wrong with if( seq_hwcfg_led.measure != 0xffff )   Regards, Vasilis
  14. Hello All! I am new to building midi controllers and coding in general and am unsure where to start. I have a design for an Ableton Live controller that has multiple faders, 30 endless encoders, macros, LCD display, and daw master controls. I am not looking to route midi into the device (such as from a keyboard) but I am looking to control multiple plugins with the controller. I have been looking for components, but am unsure of where to purchase from. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
  15. MIDIbox SEQ V4 Release + Feedback

    Source code is here: Beat Light is controlled in src/seq_ui.c: (search for BEAT) The problem is understood - it appears on frontpanels with single colour LEDs (MEASURE not assigned).  However, a quick fix is easy: just replace SEQ_LED_PinSet(seq_hwcfg_led.beat, (seq_hwcfg_led.measure && measure_led_on) ? 0 : beat_led_on); by if( seq_hwcfg_led.measure != 0xffff ) SEQ_LED_PinSet(seq_hwcfg_led.beat, (seq_hwcfg_led.measure && measure_led_on) ? 0 : beat_led_on); else SEQ_LED_PinSet(seq_hwcfg_led.beat, beat_led_on); Untested code Please let me know if it works, so that I will bring it into the repo   Concerning mirrored Roll parameter: that's normal if the parameter layer is only 16 steps. It's due to a memory limitation - drum tracks can only store 1024 parameters, and they are partitioned over the number of drum tracks and parameter layers Best Regards, Thorsten.
  16. Elrom Teaser :)

    love it, also the olre16...
  17. Hi Henry, welcome! We developed the SEQ v4+ with those concerns in mind. It is different to the Wilba project. On that page you have the full kit available, including the case and hard-to-source parts. There are left- and right-handed cases defined by the position of the JA subassembly. The combined BOM can be copied directly to Mouser's import tool, so it's super easy to get parts. Yes, sometimes Mouser goes out of stock, but many of the parts can be substituted by others (e.g. standard resistors, caps, ICs). Peter also has produced full video tutorials:       Best, Andy
  18. MIDIbox SEQ V4 Release + Feedback

    In the roll layer of a 32step drum track, if I change the roll parameter for step 1 I get roll on step 17 too. I don't know if this is normal, but the same happens on the other step pair too (2-18, 3-19 etc.)  I want to ask if I can find the source code for midibox_seq_v4_095 latest release because I want to built it manualy with some modifications in the code-config file. Also I want to compare the two sources to source the beat light problem.  
  19. Like it says... i'm aware of SmashTV in the US for sourcing Midibox kit packages but i'm based in UK so I really need a European source for parts (don't want weeks of waiting for deliveries and import taxes) and i can't even find a series of BOMs. Can anyone inside (or out) share any advice or experience? I've build a few DIY projects but mostly from supplied kits - it seems to be a big jump to PROPER DIY and it can be daunting to get the rights stuff under the soldering iron! Thanks!Mobdro
  20. Scratch wheel

    I bought a translation encoder here, because the price is relatively cheap. 
  21. Hello We can't call a resistor a decoupling device but you use " so it's ok. In this case I think it's a small voltage drop to ensure Vref stay below VDD, to avoid error at full scale, as I nether won't call 10ohm resistor a current limiting for Vref input with half an amp at 5V... If you use separate regulation you don't need this resistor. Best Zam
  22. BLM 16x16+X build guide

  23. AINSER + CLCD display = more analog jitter

    I'm quite sure you can leave it away if using an external PSU. I've never used it in conjunction with MCP1541.  I think the resistor should "decouple" the VRef from Vdd somehow. But I don't know anything about the technical background. 
  24. One more question :) What is the 10 ohm resistor (R1) on AINSER8/64 for? Is this some kind of protection? Can i leave it out if i use a voltage reference? On the AINSER64 this is only connected to Vdd, not to the voltage regulator.
  25. BLM 16x16+X build guide

    EDIT: SOLVED > i replace Q11 > now all ok following failure: (all 2x16x16 leds are software side activated)
  26. Hi Tago I won't call someone who ask questions, trying to learn, as experimenting things an idiot ! Best Zam
  27. Hi Zam, thanks for confirming the Vref wiring, i somehow couldn't find an example. That's why i looked at the AINSER64 schema. You're of course right about the AINSER64 connections. Sorry, i'm an idiot!  
  28. Hello Vref is your ref analog voltage, you need to provide the pot with the same voltage. Vref is the 100% value for analog inputs whatever voltage you feed.   Please check again the AINSER64, Vref connect to ADC as J6 to 13 for pots (and 4051 multiplexed analog switches)   Best Zam
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