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  2. I could try it, but I do not think it changes anything. it seems to me that the mass of the devices that hang up is decisive. Can this possibly be fixed by sourcecode? (possibly for the loop when initializing, because then it runs constantly, as soon as the card recognized...) @gerald.wertI have a USB dco at hand, I'm not sure how I can meaningfully measure what.
  3. I know it works when started correctly but did you try another SD-Card, this one is perhaps a little sensitive...
  4. I have replaced the cable with a thicker and kept the cable as short as possible. but unfortunately it did not improve. Does somebody still have an idea?
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  6. blm 16x16+x Costs - Calculation

    +1 on this :)
  7. Have you checked you power supply voltage? If you have a DSO you could look to see what is happening on startup you might be getting a pulse or it could be dipping a lot. Would be interesting to see if it was happening with the Midi_io if the iic midi  would resolve the issue.
  8. I had thought so synonymous and turned off one by one (for each boot process), but in the end, no statement can be made, which device is the cause, but it depends only on the amount of devices which are connected and turned on.
  9. MIDI is supposed to isolate your devices electrically(opto-coupled), did you try to disconnect the devices one by one? Maybe only one device causes this issue... Is there another MIDIbox connected to?
  10. midiphy Eurorack Expander Modules

    Hi, We currently use this one from Reichelt: TK. suggests up to five metres would work. So I guess that means six feet in Freedom Units. Unfortunately I couldn't find a decent one from Mouser but if you need to get all of your parts there,  571-1658613-2 plus 26-way ribbon could do the job (and would be less bulky than a cable). Another famous sequencer does it that way :).
  11. blm 16x16+x Costs - Calculation

    It's getting there! Next in the pipeline is the LoopA, then the BLM.
  12. blm 16x16+x Costs - Calculation

    Definitely in for the new design. How is progress coming along btw?
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  14. midiphy gates/clocks module

    How do you configure the clocks? Never mind I found it! In the cv page.
  15. Hey, thanks for the first hints. I have now tested the following: if I provide no power to all my devices, which are connected from SEQ through several ports (INs, OUTs,IICs) , then the SEQ boots always fine with detected SD. It starts to hang more often when more devices are turned on while booting. And yes hawkeye - it's true - it only affects the bootup. Once detected, the SEQ is working fine with the SD. I'll take your advice with the wiring...we'll see, or someone else has a different guess.
  16. midiphy Eurorack Expander Modules

    What is the recommended DB-25 cable length? thanks, Luke
  17. Did you try another SD Card?
  18. The J16 port is physically the same on the wCore, the E part just breaks out the LEDs (GPIO) and reset switch to the panel. The Waveshare board of course might have layout differences compared to the Discovery. The pull-up resistors for the J15 display port required changes that I didn't fully investigate, but it works so I'm happy :).
  19. MIDIbox SEQ V4 Release + Feedback

    I've just had a chance to test this with 2 x AOUT_NG boards and I think I've came across a bug. The shift register that is assigned to CV_GATE_SR2  in the HWCONFIG file will only trigger once and then remains on.  I thought I had a hardware problem initially but after some trouble shooting I'm pretty confident its a software problem, either user error or a bug. The reason this is that I swapped the CV_GATE_SR assignment for SR1 and SR2 in the hardware and the problem is always present Shift Register assigned to CV_GATE_SR2. Both of the AOUT_NG boards are working correctly.
  20. MidiBox SID Sound design tips

    The trick to maximizing viewers in the tags and concentrating on one particular synth.  You have so much stuff that people who are searching for specific sound demos on one synth will probably bypass your videos Pete. Thats my logic anyway.
  21. MidiBox SID Sound design tips

    For some reason the channels cancel each other out, I used an iriver H340 to record that demo, so if you're listening to it on a mono device like a phone speaker you hear nothing!   
  22. In the case of my old V4, it was almost certainly questionworthy wiring of the SD card attached to a too long ribbon wire - and general noise introduced by VFDs, long wires and no buffering anywhere :). I don't think the schems have changed dramatically, but Thorsten or Andy may know more. Many greets, Peter  
  23. Interesting did the schematic change on the new layout where there is a new cap somewhere that is charging a little longer to delay the startup time of the processor?  
  24. @Rio just as a confirmation, i sometimes had this problem, too on my old SEQ V4 (not the new v4+) and it occured just at power up time. Once the startup was successful and the SD card could be read, it did not happen again during runtime. I suspect the SD card cable might have been a bit too long, or maybe it was caused an unstable power supply. After upgrading to the new v4+ (with the shorter cable within the case) i never experienced this problem again - and i am using the same physical SD card as before, unchanged since 2010 or so :). Best regards! Peter
  25. Hi, is it possible to assign a button for the euclidean generator page using the HW file? Best Frank
  26. Can it be that the connection to the SD card is too unstable, or is influenced and would a decoupling cap make sense for the power supply of the reader? Just strange, that once it has been correctly detected, it also works stably. I would be grateful for any help..
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