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  2. midiphy SEQ v4+

    so everything is aviable now?
  3. (WTB) Seq V4 parts ( 2 raystar oleds for trade )

    I have a PCB for Wilba's Seq v4 frontpanel, new, nothing soldered to it yet.  I have other parts as well that I could probably part with...  I have a set of the rotary encoders and a set of the bicolor LEDs...  A datawheel knob... I have an assembled LPC17 core that I could get rid of as well - it's a totally functional core for the time being, although as the SEQ forks off into the V4+ you'll miss out on some functionality down the road.  You can always upgrade the core though. I could put together a set of knobs that would fit the encoders, but they're potentiometer knobs, so they've got that position indicator stripe on them, and I might have to mix up colors a bit, not sure if I have 16 of any one color...  Anyway, not the prettiest knobs on the block, but they would work. I have an assembled STM32F4 core as well that isn't being used right now, but I think I want to keep it. What color are the OLEDs?  Where are you located? Anyway, let me know if you're interested in any of that.
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  5. dipCoreF4 and dipBoardF4, a compact Core.

    Ahah :) You did a module from this machine, good idea, this gear is a 'must have' for an electronic music studio. I've got a Psycho SY-1M, that I suppose you know
  6. dipCoreF4 and dipBoardF4, a compact Core.

    My new euro module:
  7. dipCoreF4 and dipBoardF4, a compact Core.

    Even with all the red stripes this is beautiful, there's a lot of work in this, what it is?
  8. dipCoreF4 and dipBoardF4, a compact Core.

    and thats why we run prototypes :)     
  9. dipCoreF4 and dipBoardF4, a compact Core.

    For me, THEY provide a DRC we have to follow then they HAVE to respect it too. Or they can not provide the service. But I never got any isolation issue with OP, and this is not the problem this time too, unfortunately. Except plated slot error, everything else seems fine for the moment included USB which has sensitive traces. First I was disappointed but I quickly found a workaround and they are usable for dev, that's fine. :)  
  10. midiphy SEQ v4+

    @Antichambre we had no followup communications on the dustcovers, but got to a prinicpal agreement, so they should still be on the table. We'll get to it, when the dust (hehe) of the first UI kit and case sales settles  :) Many greets, Peter
  11. dipCoreF4 and dipBoardF4, a compact Core.

    Im with Andy, I always make the isolation as BIG as practical.  If you have to pack it in, you have to pack it in but only do so where absolutely needed.  You can pour different polygons with different isolation on the same net too if you need it tight one place and not another.  Every time i've gotten bad boards from OSHpark (3 times this has happened) it was because there was a super tight/dense space and the etching didnt get all the copper.  They are probably way more sensitive to this than other fabs since they do big ass boards with many designs and i bet its easy to have issues etching something that size.   I think it boils down to getting a handle of what the fab says they can do and what they can actually do reliably.  I had problems with Seeed with my first order there and never went back, the etching was rough, the soldermask was poorly registered, just blah everywhere.  JLC i'll use for big stuff since their pricing is good but small stuff they have issues with clean screens even at their minimum text size spec.  PCBway has nice machines but they take a maximum X size of 110ish mm so big stuff gets pricey there too,  They cant do small text like OSHpark can on that machine.  So it's a mixed bag always where ever you go.  I go through a thousand boards a year and have yet to see a etching fault on any of the Chinese fabs which is why I dont use OSHpark anymore, it was a convenient service 5 years ago but the prototype biz in china has exploded and you can do much better for much less time and money.  Standard turn around for protos is 2 days at any place out there
  12. dipCoreF4 and dipBoardF4, a compact Core.

    Eurocircuit made the OLRE16(green version) which was absolutely perfect, very precise, the most beautiful board I even made. I try to work with them, but they are too much expensive for Prototype quantity, then I used OP for that part. Grrr And I'd got a lot of problems with Seeed production with the exactly same design same rules of the OLRE16(black version on pictures).
  13. dipCoreF4 and dipBoardF4, a compact Core.

    Absolutely!  I think Eurocircuits boards will be dependable right down to their minimum design rules.
  14. dipCoreF4 and dipBoardF4, a compact Core.

    Yes for sure. But I hope our fab works in white room ;) dipCoreF4 is a tiny board, 20mil is just impossible in that case. I know Eurocircuit will do it perfect, they are expensive but the board size is small. Price is good enough from 25 pieces. I will check that later and PCBA too... Thanks Andy  
  15. dipCoreF4 and dipBoardF4, a compact Core.

    Isolate is a polygon parameter that automatically keeps distance to routed traces, drill holes and pads. I am very conservative with isolate (0.5mm/~20mil). Clearance is the distance between two routed traces, also related is the distance between copper and a dimension (edge of board or slot). Conservatism is overkill, but the more conservative, the less chance of something going wrong. E.g. imagine a piece of dirt or dust on the photomask. If the clearance is too low, the fault might manifest into the production and short or cut a trace. Just because the fab gives low min clearance rules, doesn't mean they're a target.  Just my opinion of course, please decide what's right for you.
  16. dipCoreF4 and dipBoardF4, a compact Core.

    What "isolate" means? Clearance? And what is reasonable? I use 5mil clearance for dipcoreF4.
  17. dipCoreF4 and dipBoardF4, a compact Core.

    Yep, BLM 16x16+X and 'ELO. No problems, just don't forget to set isolate to a reasonable value!
  18. dipCoreF4 and dipBoardF4, a compact Core.

    Andy, did you fab 4 layers from Elecrow?
  19. dipCoreF4 and dipBoardF4, a compact Core.

    Yes I know but I took that risk, cause I already did it by the past and it was working. But to avoid any risk I will make slot for each "combo holes" on next run...
  20. midiphy SEQ v4+

    Hi Peter, Great!! But don't minimize your own work! :) What about Portuguese stuff ? ;) Have a good day Bruno
  21. dipCoreF4 and dipBoardF4, a compact Core.

    This is exactly what happens, pad shape on internal layer are not extended like bottom and top are, then larger plated slot merged GND and VBUS on internal layer. The only way to avoid it and keep the slot is to add copper with the extended pad shape like this: Now I know it!!!  
  22. midiphy SEQ v4+

    Thanks guys, all credits go to Andy (for the design), Adrian (for the case) and TK. (for the software)! Just wanted to inform you that filming of the second part of the video tutorial has finally started. It will still take a bit of time to get to a production length of another estimated 2 hours (or maybe 3 hours with case installation and wiring informations), but we're on it! :) When it's done and published, the UI kits are ready for sale, we're stocked up and received another batch of OLEDs from Taiwan this week. Have a great weekend! Many greets, Peter
  23. dipCoreF4 and dipBoardF4, a compact Core.

    You use EAGLE, correct? One thing I remember is that slots are always a "hack" without proper DRC. You have to manually place keepouts/restricts on internal layers. Also note that some fabs will not like overlapping drill hits ("combo holes"); for them it's a risk that their drill or milling bit slips on an edge and breaks.
  24. dipCoreF4 and dipBoardF4, a compact Core.

    Then finally, I've got 3 issue. - Because of a plated Slot VBUS is connected to GROUND on the dipCoreF4. - Because of a plated slot DC-IN is connected to GROUND on the External power module. - From the same brand and range I put a RJ45(8p6c) connector model instead of a RJ11(6p6c) on the MCAN Module. But I found a workaround for first and second issue. For last, MCAN module doesn't matter for the moment... So I decide to not refab it, they are working, enough for our tests, I prefer to keep the money refund for another and double checked run or something else. I will change fab too for next run. They sent me a dipBoard with copper totally scratched and cut under soldermask then there was no visual check, no quality control. That's definitively not good Beta testers, I will send you the boards on Monday... Hope you will understand, I will provide you some thin cable and heat shrink tubing I used for dipCoreF4 workaround. Next run will be perfect and ready to run your application cleanly. I'm currently finishing the MIOS32 modification for this Core, I will share pictures and example in the next days. Best Bruno  
  25. Hi Im on the hunt to get the part and make it  I need -Switches -Potentiometers - MIDIbox Core STM32F4 and pcb  -Parts kit I have two Raystar Oleds for the Seqv4 for trade 
  26. Help troubelshooting button matrix please

    Maybe "optional" in the sense that you can invert the current sink shift register states. Would have to recompile the firmware.
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  28. new to midibox, sourcing parts from mouser help

    You might want to think about buying parts from reichelt. The shipping is terrible if you are in the US but the component prices are so much better. If you are putting in a big enough order you will still save a good bit. They also stock better options on audio grade caps. Styroflex and Wilma. If you do go this route I would recommend getting a few extra of really common parts to have on hand as well. Mouser and digikey are nice to order from but you will pay a lot more per component but the shipping is fast and cheap. Worth the comparison especially if you are looking to build something bigger like the 6582.
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