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  2. @Hawkeye Sorry to let you alone with this... :/ It's for the same reason as you already mentioned... @tedysuwarnady I think everybody wish to help you, myself I don't understand your words. If you do not want to hide it, what is your nationality, your main language? Maybe someone here will help for communication... Best Bruno
  3. @tedysuwarnady I hate being the guy, but you are seriously misbehaving. You are continuously ignoring all the suggestions you get. This is tragic because answering them would help to determine what is wrong with your unit. It seems like you don't even care about help. Also, please stop asking for schematics and board files in every other of your posts.  
  4. @tedysuwarnady did you even read the questions asked and suggestions made, that might help you to solve the problem? Sorry, but for myself it makes no sense to continue to support this effort.    
  5. scottsober mb6582 for sale

    Hi I am selling my mb6582 unit .With 8 8580 Sid chips .It functions well and I am sure whoever gets it will be happy with this unit.  1,100 US dollars Us ship only PayPal accepted pm me will not allow me to post pictures     
  6. here completely on protoboard (except discovery)  
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  8. Describe the MIDI Router of your dream?!

    Might as well add a touchscreen that will show activity on any node for debugging purposes, portable would be killer
  9. Thanks for creating a separate topic! Two questions: * Do you see any debug outputs in the MIOS Studio console, when starting up MBNG? * After MBNG has started (even with the display looking bad), can you enter any commands in the MIOS Studio console? E.g. typing "help" should show you a summary of available commands. These two questions should allow us to determine, if MBNG is running properly or is having problems at startup. If the app is not running, please double-check that you are using the correct STM32F4 hex from the package that you downloaded from ucapps. You can also try to put default.ngc and default.ngl in the root directory of the sd-card. These files are provided in the cfg/default directory of the When the default.ngc is loaded, it should log that in the MIOS Studio console. Good luck! Peter
  10. I apologize for my mistake I am a new and english midibox user with this bad I like that I have to say before him that I have built stm32f4 based following my post with the picture to build midio 128 as in this picture, and this is my test forum: 



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  12. WTB: MB-6582

    because the sid is already finished since years... just have not time and money to do frontpanel and housing... dont want to desolder things now pn this double sidet...
  13. Describe the MIDI Router of your dream?!

    @Hawkeye Yes all of us know it, it's a good solution, except the number of cards and connections :/ I suspect there's something better and cheaper to do with an FPGA ;)   What about channel mapping and note mapping(drum mapping) ? More idea, wish, dream? Bruno
  14. WTB: MB-6582

    Why not go with the new Power Supply created by Altitude with those Recom voltage regulators so he could use any 12V 2A DC power supply, I use one that was for a Western Digital hardrive and it works fine. Should be plenty available.
  15. Describe the MIDI Router of your dream?!

    64 input ports and 64 output ports, scalable 8 mergers, freely configurable a panic button zero latency for the router configuration via software interface ("setup") handling via a dedicated hardware interface (remote control) that can be placed anywhere, e.g. on the mixing desk (like a Lexicon LARC) ports can be given a name, and these names are displayed in the user interface setups can be stored and recalled via MIDI, and there is a program change table like in some older Yamaha synths activity display showing in-, out- and merger activity modular approach, so that I don't have to pay for all the IOs when I only need 32 because I'm Hawkeye distributed, as in "I have a number of racks with equipment, and these are located all around my studio, but I want to keep my MIDI cables short with only one 'multicore' going to the central matrix from each rack" obviously DIY, but preferably there is someone who has done all the hard work, and PCBs are made available affordable The v2 of this will feature all of the above .
  16. Describe the MIDI Router of your dream?!

    Ah, what an unexpected topic! :-D Key features for myself in "dream mode" (so it might sound unrealistic, but we are dreaming, right?) would be: * 32 INs / OUTs to attach all synths and gear to a single base unit with direct MIDI wires. * In other words: one router, that aggregates all MIDI equipment directly and speaks to everything, also different controlling MIDIboxes, e.g. an MBSEQ, a LoopA, multiple MBNG controllers. * As multiple devices need multiple different routing setups, i'd love to see "additive routing", so that not only the whole route set can be exchanged, but only the routes for certain devices can be exchanged, while the rest stays the same. I.e., I might want to change routes for one attached ProgrammA, but leave all other routes (i.e. to/from the SEQ) as they were, so i'd just want to switch out a subset of routes. * And something we already spoke about in that rather long mail thread, let's call it "known device names" :) * Potentially a filter (i.e. to filter MIDI beat clock from a single input port) or a even a loop detector to avoid deadlocks * Sysex routing (i.e. be able to route sysex streams, that don't have a CHN from one port to multiple ports but not to all ports - important for the MIDIbox NG) * If possible, a more detailed MIDI packet protocol inspector and "flow graph" display. Yes, its bling, but you'd expect that from me! :) And it might help to see what is going on inside the box! :) Many greets! Peter
  17. Describe the MIDI Router of your dream?!

    A way to quickly and easily switch to a new route and then switch back. Use case in a live performance is to switch to a second drum machine for a small section say 4 beats for different sound for accent and then want to switch right back. Could be used for other parts as well. Say for a lead part, especially when making a program change on an instrument when the audio drops or something weird happens when you make a program change or you want to create sustain on a part  but want the pattern to come back in without cutting off the sustain. With a poly synth it is easy to set the same sound to come back in on a second poly within the synth. There are other ways to do this but a route changes vs channel change on the sequencer might be more fun and flexible in live settings.
  18. Describe the MIDI Router of your dream?!

    no special need for a standalone router route functionality done in the apps itself for special case like seq note processor... latency free it should be. so maybe some programmable chip  in combi with a uC acting as ui..... a 16x16 matrix use blm for that . lcd on xy axis beside to label io and functionality... find lcd for the blm16x16+x... what makes it in any case more flexible. routing presets for each song. so a programchange option...
  19. GLCD 1306 How to Make a New Font

    Thank you!! I had seen it in September 2017, but I had not realized I was talking about NG !! Tks !!!
  20. Hi everybody, Sit down ... Take a deep breath ... Close your eyes ... Now your mind is free ... Start dreaming about your perfect MIDI Router ... Imagine its IO count, features, shape / case, its behaviour and menu / screen functions... Leave aside any technical limitations, just imagine it ... Could you take a few minutes to describe it, please? Best regards Bruno  
  21. GLCD 1306 How to Make a New Font

    Here you can find a nice tutorial:
  22. Hi all, I'm building a DJ MIDI controller. I'm trying to switch to NG, I studied a little, but I did not find anything on how to make new fonts. In the video I did some by the conventional method. How can I make a new font in the NG method? See the video, i can make this in NG (GLCD1306)? Tks, Marco.  
  23. SSI 2144 filter for the MB Sid

    Started putting together the external filter for my sid. I am trying out the ssi2144. I have not seen anyone post about using one on here yet. I have the adapter boards for them. All I have to say is that is some super small soldering! I think I have them in good shape though! I reviewed the schematics and it looks like it should work ok. The ssi 2144 has slightly different recommended caps then the SSM2044. I ordered the recommended caps forom the data sheet for the ssm and the ssi I may test both to see if I hear a difference. Will likely go with the recommended caps from the data sheet. There are a few other minor resistance changes on the data sheets too but not sure if they are required I will have to see how it sounds. The adapter are from modular addict sells them too but had been out of stock. also has published an file for them as well but I only needed a few of them... for 1.5 I picked up a few extra incase I broke them. If they all work may build another filter for something else. Did I mention that solder pitch is tiny!!! Here are the caps the ones on the left are for the ssm and the ones on the right are for the ssi.   C19-C24 10nF, 6.8NF for SSI2144   6 STYROFLEX 10N C25,C26 820pF, 560pF for SSI2144   2 STYROFLEX 820P  
  24. LoopA in Action

  25. WTB: MB-6582

    you have 110v? we have here 220v. so i think you have to check a c128 powersupply!
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