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  3. Addon: MB6582 Mixer

    I've just picked up 3 of these board, so I have 2 extra in EU, if there is anyone interested please contact me. Also, does anyone know where to source these pots in Europe?
  4. multiple Clcd's

    Working just got the 3 digit displays running after some advice and help from Thorsten. Just doing the dance, code to follow.   
  5. MB8080 zu MB9090

    Hi Thorsten, hab jetzt den MB9090 Sequencer an der TR9090 mußte natürlich die 40174 +4051 Chips entfernen um das umzusetzen Läuft auch soweit :-) dabei ist mir aufgefallen das es einen Direkten Anschluß für diese Trigger Velo Matrix gibt J30 Data J31Ctrl damit werden die trigger und die Velo erzeugt jetzt habe ich mir gedacht ob man diese Matrix nicht benutzen kann und die Pins der software darauf hin anpassen könnte so das man die IC ´s 40174 + 4051 drin lassen könnte habe die Schematic mal angehängt    
  6. multiple Clcd's

    Just put the Ainser64 together only to realise I hadn't ordered the Ic's... gutting..  now ordered for delivery tomorrow. whats one night waiting for parts...
  7. MIDIbox SEQ V4 Release + Feedback

    Auto channel works! only thing is when i send on Midi channel #5 is switching to Track #1 seems it do not switch to the next group   Morph works good so far!   Kind Regards
  8. MIDIbox SEQ V4 Release + Feedback

    that was quick... amazing! running tests!   THANK YOU TK!
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  10. MB8080 zu MB9090

    Hi Thorsten , Hammer super das du dir die Zeit genommen hast vielen Dank StormB
  11. MB8080 zu MB9090

    Das kann ich Dir reinkonfigurieren :) db "CH ", 4, 7, 1, 0 ; Track 8 // shared with OH, Switch via 4.6 (see DEFAULT_909LIKE_HH_CONTROL_ENABLED) db "OH ", 4, 7, 1, 0 ; Track 9 // shared with CH, Switch via 4.6 (see DEFAULT_909LIKE_HH_CONTROL_ENABLED) ;; Optional 909-like OH/CH selection pin. ;; In order to use this feature, set DEFAULT_909LIKE_HH_CONTROL_ENABLED to 1, and ;; select the tracks to which the OH and CH are assigned in DEFAULT_909LIKE_HH_TRACK_OH/CH. ;; Change the DEFAULT_TRKINFO table in the header of this file, so that both track triggers share the same pin! ;; Then define the DOUT pin which should select OH/CH in DEFAULT_909LIKE_HH_SWITCH_SR/PIN below #define DEFAULT_909LIKE_HH_CONTROL_ENABLED 1 ; 0 to disable, 1 to enable #define DEFAULT_909LIKE_HH_TRACK_OH 9 ; OH track number - this track will set the SWITCH pin to 0 #define DEFAULT_909LIKE_HH_TRACK_CH 8 ; CH track number - will set the SWITCH pin to 1 #define DEFAULT_909LIKE_HH_SWITCH_SR 4 ; DOUT shift register of the SWITCH (1..16, 0 disables the assignment) #define DEFAULT_909LIKE_HH_SWITCH_PIN 6 ; switch pin (0..7 for D0..D7) Somit: Trigger auf 4.7, Switch auf 4.6 .hex File an bekannter Stelle. Gruss, Thorsten.
  12. MB8080 zu MB9090

    HIdiho, ist doch nicht so einfach wie ich es mir vorgestellt habe, zwar kann ich alle Instrumente antiggern und es klappt mit dem global Accent aber leider kann ich nicht zwischen Open und Closed Hat wechseln , da gibts ein pin (HiHatSelect)an dem ausgewählt wird welches  HiHat gespielt wird,0:OpenHat 1:Closed Hat.. dachte ich mach an den Pin den anderen Hihat Trigger aber das geht leider nicht StormB  
  13. midiphy SEQ v4+

    Hi Andy, The part number is NANOSMDC075F-2 made by Littelfuse Inc. It's available from both Mouser and Digi-Key here in the USA so it should be easy to get in Europe also.
  14. midiphy SEQ v4+

    Hi Adam, Nice work, thanks for investigating! Could you share the exact part that you used? Best, Andy
  15. multiple Clcd's

    With a nudge in the right direction from thorsten i managed to get this working today to a certain extent. Using senders and maps i have got it working however the 128bit for encoders is the problem. I did see that there is a resolution setting for pots, so perhaps i can edit this to my advantage, I am just going to build my ainser64 board and give it a try. using this section of the manual MAP<n>/HWORDI  Applies linear interpolation between data points. Up to 64 datapoints can be specified, the value range is -16384..16383 (16bit). Example: # pot is working at 12bit resolution (0..4095) # 0..2048 should send CC value 127..0 downwards, # and 2049..4095 (the second half) should send 0..127 upwards. MAP1/HWORDI 0:127 2048:0 4095:127
  16. First post

    Well it has been a learning curve alright but with help from latigid on, Antichambre , TK. , FantomXR  and Zam I have been working on replica controllers for a couple of plugins i use here all the time, Arturia Sem Filter, Mini Filter and the Matrix Filter. I am lso doing a couple of plugin synth controllers. I am also working on the Blue Cat audio summing mixer MB7 thaty i use in my master chain, its a great plugin. As much as I love these plugins I also love being able to reach out to a knob, button or slider and turn it and that controls what happens but, I know I can buy a generic controller that everyone uses but building and desiging your own version of what you see, thats where the fun is for me. Years ago I designed an built the MOTU BPM replica and its still going to this day and has never let me down however, I can now upgrade this to the newer disco board and the .ngc and also look at adding the sample player to it making it self contained and designing a lighter casework as well. I figured out how to use the MB_MF and get the faders set up and calibrated. the new syntax and structure of the .ngc ngl files and ho to edit and test in real time in mios studio with some help. Every evening trying new things out all the time and constantly learning. I look forward to sharing things on the blog as I go, if I can help out in return please feel free to ask. Photo to come in my Gallery this week ;) May the blue smoke be with you. EOL
  17. MIDIbox SEQ V4 Release + Feedback

    Ok, something to try out: It also features the auto-track selection for recording (in MIDI configuration page, turn Chn. encoder to right to select "Auto") Best Regards, Thorsten. 
  18. MB8080 zu MB9090

    Kein Problem, ich habe das .hex File nochmal neu generiert (und unter dem alten Link abgelegt) Gruss, Thorsten.
  19. is it strange??

    New Edit! EOL
  20. MB8080 zu MB9090

    Hi Thorsten danke für das file aber ich habe global Accent  sorry StormB
  21. Cool! :) Best Regards, Thorsten.
  22. MIDIbox SEQ V4 Release + Feedback

    Exactly! thank you for such quick response   best regards   Kazik
  23. MIDIbox SEQ V4 Release + Feedback

    Should be possible - would it be sufficient to provide such a function in the Morph page, e.g. GP button #6? Best Regards, Thorsten.  
  24. sammichFM

    Strange! Is it really time or note dependent? MBFM cycles the 6 voices whenever a new note it played, could it be that only a certain voices cause this sound (e.g. each 5th and 6th voice)? Best Regards, Thorsten.
  25. MB8080 zu MB9090

    Ok, das File ist hier: Und hier das Setup File fuer den Fall, dass nochmal etwas geaendert werden muss: Accent habe ich auf dem letzten Track gelassen, und DEFAULT_GLOBAL_ACCENT_TRK habe ich auf 0 gesetzt, in der Annahme dass die 9090 keinen globalen Accent hat Gruss, Thorsten.  
  26. MB8080 zu MB9090

    Hi Thorsten, das wäre echt super wenn du das mit der Hex file machen könntest dachte mir das so Drum,Snare,LT,MT,HT,RS,Clap,CH,OH,Crash,Ride,Acc,Ext1,Ext2,Ext3,Ext4 LCD 16x2 vielen Dank im Voraus
  27. MB8080 zu MB9090

    Hallo, die Namen koennen im setup_*.asm File konfiguriert werden: Ich koennte Dir ein neues .hex File mit den gewuenschten Namen bauen, muesste dann aber genau wissen, wie sie ausschauen sollen - maximal 5 Zeichen pro Name! Gruss, Thorsten.
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