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  2. MIDIbox SEQ V4 Release + Feedback

    Hi, It's me again. I've got a couple feature requests. Firstly It may have been mentioned in the past but I long for the ability to route multiple keyboards/synths to different tracks and live rec simultaneously. So dedicating controller 1 to a track. controller 2 to a track. etc. I guess like 4 Jam Busses. Basically multitrack recording.   Secondly, how about a Keytracker FX? Note number to CC/CV conversion.   Love your work!
  3. @latigid on I'm excited to see the new sequencer as well and will certainly buy a kit as soon as it's available. This looper project though... It's just the bee's knees.   I might be savvy enough to build a prototype PBC, if you offered one to me: At the very least, I could let you know the pitfalls that an idiot might expect in building one ;)... Actually a big element of my job is technical writing, so I could probably truly assist in helping to develop the build manual: Give me a schematic, some nod at the idiosyncrasy of the BOM and a PCB and I could pump that out. ...If you wanted. No pressure...  The very second that you guys feel comfortable releasing it into the wild, I'll take three!! (and I bet I'll feel like that's one too few). I'm loving what you're doing.  As my thesis professor used to say, "Keep going", dugan
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  5. OLED shows noisy-output

    Yeah. You were absolutely right! The last days I had no time to connect both cores... but today I checked everything.... man...
  6. Korg Wavedrum MIDIfied

    Hi, I am willing to pay a fair price for the talented engineer who would enhance it with midi. the wavedrum seemed to me as the only drum synth with the right feel, only that the synth engine is chemical. i'd like to connect it to my DSI Tempest.  please contact me.
  7. MIDIbox SEQ V4 Release + Feedback

    Hi, I'll attempt to explain an issue i'm having. My apologies because it's difficult to explain. This is what i've got going on. Track A is being step-triggered & restarted by Track B, sending/listening to T&A Bus 1. wonderful.  Track B has note and scale parameter layers which is nicely quantising the chaos.  With the duplicate FX i'm sending Track A out of an output port and back to an available in port. T&A Bus 2 listening on this Port & Channel. My goal is to step-trigger or restart Track C via T&A Bus 2  which works, I have Bass Drum on each step on Track C being step-triggered by T&A Bus 2.  The problem is that Track A is now being restarted by both T&A busses!   So to reiterate, I have T&A Bus 1 effectively feeding T&A Bus 2 but T&A Bus 2 is restarting or step-triggering T&A Bus 1.   THANK YOU for trying to read that. I think it's a bug. V4+.095  
  8. OLED shows noisy-output

    Have fun ! Bruno
  9. OLED shows noisy-output

    Oh my god! This is embarrassing. I forgot to set the correct width and height in the bootloader.... I worked with OLEDs already a dozen times... I wonder how I was able to overlook that! Thanks for your help!  
  10. OLED shows noisy-output

    One which uses the LCD routines, you can write it.   ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// // Include files ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// #include <mios32.h> #include "app.h" #include <glcd_font.h> ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// // Local variables ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// // This hook is called after startup to initialize the application ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// void APP_Init(void) { // initialize all LEDs MIOS32_BOARD_LED_Init(0xffffffff); } ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// // This task is running endless in background ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// void APP_Background(void) { int i; // clear LCDs MIOS32_LCD_DeviceSet(0xff); //select all lcds MIOS32_LCD_Clear(); // endless loop while( 1 ) { for(i=0; i<16; i++){ MIOS32_LCD_DeviceSet(i); MIOS32_LCD_GCursorSet(0, 0); MIOS32_LCD_FontInit((u8 *)GLCD_FONT_NORMAL); // 6x8 font MIOS32_LCD_PrintString("This is a test for:"); MIOS32_LCD_GCursorSet(0, 8); MIOS32_LCD_PrintFormattedString("LCD#%02d ", i); } } } something like that... obviously you must include the app_lcd in your makefile: # application specific LCD driver (selected via makefile variable) include $(MIOS32_PATH)/modules/app_lcd/$(LCD)/ check your LCD variable is "universal", of course. And LCD must be configured in your bootloader(updater) Did you check it?
  11. OLED shows noisy-output

    Which app do you mean? As the resistor-network is on the same PCB as the OLEDs and the PCB works great with another core, this shouldn't cause any problems.  I'll check again all connections and soldering...
  12. OLED shows noisy-output

    I was serious with the bootloader check, but doesn't matter... Did you try an app with a correct clear of the oled on init and write something after... (not just the legacy boot sequence) ???!! But Andy is maybe right, you have to check your core boards first and the resistance network there's on the J15 lines, check the 595 too it can put too much load on the RS line. If the boards you use are not the ones you made, swap the cores of the two mbhp to see if it comes from board or Core...
  13. OLED shows noisy-output

    Did you check the soldering/flux residue around the pins that control the display?
  14. OLED shows noisy-output

    Yes. USB power on both cores.
  15. OLED shows noisy-output

    Do you use the same powersupply when testing the second core?
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  17. MIDIbox SEQ V4 Release + Feedback

    WOW!  Support @ Lightspeed !!!  Also here, everything looking good. Thank you very much!
  18. OLED shows noisy-output

    first go in your bootloader updater (terminal) and check if there's difference in the configuration between the two cores...
  19. OLED shows noisy-output

    No. The same oled-breakoutboard works on another core. So I don't think it's a defective display. @Antichambre But still: Why does that happen only on that core? The other one runs fine. Which modification do I have to make in the firmware to clear it correctly? Could you help me with that? Thanks guys!
  20. OLED shows noisy-output

    Yes it was happened to me recently, it was a bad clearing in software... The noise appears on startup you have to clear it correctly. MIOS32_LCD_Clear
  21. OLED shows noisy-output

    It could be a dud display injecting bad vibes onto the SPI, it could be a defective chip or flux residue. 
  22. mnmlCore

    I received the boards, I paid extra 25€ for customs, it seems Serbia is not an European country Grrrrrrr ... this is the first reason why I will quickly redesign this board, the second reason is that it works fine.   Have a good day Bruno
  23. MIDIbox SEQ V4 Release + Feedback

    works great.thank you b.t.w. is there way to remotely change select track via incoming midi(cc,pgch)?   kind regards
  24. MIDIbox SEQ V4 Release + Feedback

    You are right, it would be better to make this function optional. Please try this version: It's switch #9/29 in the options page Best Regards, Thorsten.
  25. OLED shows noisy-output

    Hey people, I need you experienced guys! I've made a mios32-Core by myself which I test at the moment. While the first one works great. The second one causes trouble. And I don't know why.  Please see the picture attached. Does anyone have an idea where the noise on the displays come from? I used this OLED-breakout (it contains OLEDs, Reset-circuits (Cap & Res) & Shiftregister) in some other projects already and it worked fine. So I assume the mistake is somewhere on the core. But as I said: Another identical core runs fine... Could it be the STM that is damaged?  To be sure, that the mistake is not on the 9x OLED Breakout, I also tried it with an OLED with Reset and shiftregister on the breadboard. Same here... I now searched for about eight hours and also searched with an oscilloscope, but I was not able to locate the problem.  Thank you very much! Best, Chris
  26. MIDIbox SEQ V4 Release + Feedback

    Hi there, I just updated to v4_095_pre13 and unfortunately I am very unhappy  with the new mute page behaviour. o New workflow for MUTE page: Whenever a track or parameter layer is unmuted, it will be automatically selected The automated activation of the unmuted track messes up my workflow: (Automated layer selection is OK) I often noodle on my keyboard in addition to a running track, or I get lost in heavy editing of a track while I jam. Parallel I mute and unmute tracks -> Now after unmuting I have to reselect the track I have been playing around with. Feasible but not very handy. If it would be possible to deactivate the automated track selection by a config parameter or in the options page that would be great. I would be very thankful. Best Regards.
  27. Relocation of keybed from main board not working

    Yes it seems I found out the hard way lol... thanks for the links also... but good news anyway guys its all working now that I have soldered it... seems ribbon can work over longer lengths after all :) Thanks for all your help guys, take care :)
  28. Relocation of keybed from main board not working

    Also this from Reichelt:  
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