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  1. I think you are right. I just had a look at the manual which suggests something like this. I didn't know it also had an analog part. Thanks a lot
  2. Hi Zam,  thanks, I am aware of this. But if I look at a picture of the real HUI device I can see some absolute rotary poti with a "master volume" label. So I suppose there is some way to do this?
  3. Hi, I am searching for the midi message that controls the master volume according to the HUI protocol. I found all other messages somewhere in the web but the volume message seems to be missing. Hope someone can help me with that. Regards
  4. Cubase Shuttle

    Hi, I have a problem with the cubase shuttle. I built a midi controller with a shuttle and made a "generic controller" in cubase. I configured it that the shuttle controls the "shuttleSpeed" in cubase. This works. I can see the shuttle in cubase move exactly like the real one. But nothing does happen. When I move the shuttle with the mouse, the Stop & the Play button is activated and the "position line" moves. I tried doing a play when I move my shuttle but it did not work. Does someone know how this works? There is an option called shuttleMode. But I couldn't figure out what it does? Best Regards
  5. More than 16 faders

    Thanks. If they cannot be set on the device I do not need to change them.
  6. More than 16 faders

    Do you mean Win7? I wanted to change it on my device. I thought I could change something in the descriptor?
  7. More than 16 faders

    Hi, I got it now and it works. I changed the midi usb descriptor. My computer recognizes a few different midi devices and each one has 16 channels. Now I got another problem. The devices are displayed as: "Device" / "Device" "MIDIIN2 (Device)" / "MIDIOUT2 (Device)" ... Is it possible to change the name? I couldn't find any information about this. Best Regards
  8. More than 16 faders

    I am confused. You said I can have 16 times 16 channels? But in this sentence you are saying that the 16 different devices code themselvess in the cable/channel number (byte 0)? Where would it be possible to choose again 16 times which 16 channels I want? Or does my computer recognize 16 different midi devices and each one has 16 channels in byte 0?
  9. More than 16 faders

    Thanks, I will try this. I think it'll take a while :smile:
  10. Mackie Protocol

    Thanks. Good that I found a guy who knows. :smile:
  11. More than 16 faders

    I might have not given very much information. I want to use one USB port. As you got right I want to have more than 16 faders behind that and I think you have the solution. You are saying I can emulate 16 midi devices on one real device? And every device works the same? So I could use this very easiely with every DAW software instead of using sysex messages which would not work without anything else? Do you have a link or something where I can find more information about this?
  12. Mackie Protocol

    Thanks. I found this document, too. But as it is just saying logic control everywhere I didn't think it was the same as the mackie?
  13. More than 16 faders

    Hi, I saw a few pictures of DAW controllers that had more than 16 fader. But I could not find any information about how this works. As I understood: Every fader information needs to be sent on a special channel. But there are just 16 midi channels. So what do I do if I want to have more faders? I suppose one way would be, to have more than one midi device but is there a way to do this with just one midi device? Best Regards
  14. Mackie Protocol

    Hi, I read here:[]=mackie Does this mean the mackie protocol is public? I could not find any link or information about it. I saw a few reverse engineered things but nothing official. Does anyone know more about this? Best Regards