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  1. MB-6582 Incomplete Bill of materials?

    Hi, I wasn't suggesting that they be included in any kit but that the build documentation should at least have a paragraph saying something like " there are 5 extra holes on the back panel that are usually used for x, y and z. For standard builds these holes can be simply blocked off using any spare components. Refer to a.b.c for applications that utilise these holes" That would have saved hours of frustrating searching with absolutely no conclusive results until this thread pointed to the photo tutorial, after which at least the first half had been answered......
  2. MB-6582 Incomplete Bill of materials?

    Hi and thanks, The photo tutorial covered the points needed (value of pots and the D connector). After all my browsing I never came across that page at all..... I can understand that the pots and D connector may not be part of the main build and are optional and for future expansion but it seems odd to have pointed everyone one to a panel design that has 5 holes in it and no mention anywhere (except the aforementioned tutorial) as to why they are there or that you can just plug them.... Anyway, that seems all resolved now. if I may ask just one further question, is there any schematics relating to the power supply section and its options? It would be really useful to actually see what the board has in that area and for those that can read them, make the selection easier. I want to run from a single AC supply with 8580 chips so I am guessing option C but some technical details in that area would not go amiss.
  3. I bought the Base Parts Kit from SmashTV and have been building the unit today. base board is complete and then I notice that the rear panel for the MB-6582 has 4 holes for `feedback' pots and a hole for a D Connector. it has taken hours of scrolling through the forums to find out that the pots are, apparently, 500K dual-gang, but i can't find any information of the D-connector and how it is terminated to the base board. Is there a proper list of parts specific to a full build of the MB-6582? Lists appear for the base board and for the control surface but other bits are not listed. Similarly build instructions miss this out as well. maybe I am tired after 4 hours building and fruitless hours scrolling the internet - HELP
  4. MB-6582 panels...

    I also need 2 sets of panels for the MB-6582