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  1. Thank you for your kind offer Bruno. But i like to go with the green scheme. And indeed i´ve being thinkerin where to get green film.  
  2. Hello Peter, thank you again for your time! I stumbled across this post: and realised that the text scramblin and behavior is similar to that of the VFD´s. TK mentions a CLCD_PP display mode. It took a little time to trail and error this Futaba VFD ( M402SD10 ) problem and i solved it. There are no changes in the app_lcd required. It needs 1 Diode hardware wise and the undocumented lcd_type 0x02 in the bootloader. Made all changes back and forth to verify this, it works right away and is repeatable. Although me can´t  explain the workin mechanism behind it like TK could but i want to document what i did: flashed the bootloader and set the LCD type via: set lcd_type to 0x02 (?push/pull mode?, not documented in bootloader v1_018 help), than i added a diode on J15_S from 5V to lcd VDD to lower that (thanks @norbim1 for the suggestion). After flashin seq_v4_094b the sequenzer boots with full screen and boot logo without any scrambling. Now i can move on and integrate the CV AOUT and put this badboy in to a case.
  3. Thank you Peter for answer and for claryfying this, i think i´m in the right direction regarding that changes. My toolchain on mac should be workin since i get a flashable output which i can comand thru MIOS console but not with fronpanel. Do i have to tell the fresh build softwarefile that it should look for a HW file or is that a standard routine? The combination mios studio and core is very invitable. Best Carsten
  4. Hello Peter, thank you for your help, i was hoping that you reply to my post. So i stumbled upon your older post before and tried to understand what you did, but i could not find the lines of code that you changed! Befor i get to changes on the display, i need to sort out the problem with compiling from the original source code. I dont know why the frontpanel is not working after i recompiling from source. Do i make some changes elswhere to get that working? The core is STM32F4 with wilba frontpanel configuration.  And yes the V4+ is intriguing, but i chose the V4 before. I understand this as a longer term project so i have no rush, meanwhile i took some standard display to finish the build and start using that seq.   Thanks and kindest regards Carsten  
  5. Hi everyone, short introduction of myself: I´m Carsten and a big fan of Synth DIY in general. I build many eurorack modules and a MOTM modular with 30+ modules. Its maybe some 15 years ago that i build a SID V1 completely on breadboard, programming Pics with JDM programmer and so on. In real life i pursue a little shop and fixin TV sets and Hifi on a daily basis.   Long time i had an eye on the V4 and now i pulled the trigger and sourced parts and actualy build it. Everything is workin fine so far. I always liked VFD displays and saw some pictures of espacially mr. hawkeye´s seq with these. So it seems possible to get the same. I bough some Futaba VFD and had to experience that these are not HD44780 compatible and needs a custom driver or special lines in the code to work correct. So i set up a toolchain per the explanation in the wiki and tried to compile from the source code, at first without any modifications on that. The hex file compiles and i get an output that i can flash to the core. Problem with that new compiled hex is: the frontpanel will not work anymore but the core could be accessed via Mios Studio and the seq does all requested functions. When i flash back the precompiled official all things work as expacted. I have the custom frontpanel configuration file placed in the root of the card like described. My hope was that i could learn to modify the display driver to use VFD´s and make the necessary changes in future firmwares myself. But unfortunately im not able to do so. I have no experience of programming code other than atari 800 Basic that i tried some 25 years ago. In other words i need help please. best regards Carsten