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  1. Thanks Jo, Exactly, the console employs VCAs for controlling volume with PGF 8160 type faders. I don't want to mess with this side of the desk channel, so the best approach is probably to use the "equivalent" motorized fader from Penny & Giles, the PGFM 8160 with an iron-core motor that can be driven by 5-11.5 volts (8 V nominal). This fader seems to fit in the mixing desk module I use from what I can see from the PG site. However, in this case I must modify and extend the bottom side of the desk somewhat to be able to accommodate the motor part of the fader. I start small now (expensive faders)...and there are many things in a studio that need maintenance ;) Regards /Finis
  2. All this was great news indeed, wow. Regarding the faders, I went immediately to the studio today and to my amazement I see that the faders in the desk are Penny & Giles PGF 8000 Series, not Alps as I said earlier. The PG faders are narrow (13.4 mm) I am afraid and, hence, there are few alternatives. At present, the 15 mm Alps Motor K fader (CP type) RSA0K11V901S seems to be an option if I can narrow the width down a bit somehow. Hence, before starting all this, I need to check if I can cram the new faders into the compact console slots. First action on my part: Get an Alps Motor K fader RSA0K11V901S and tweak. Someone has a spare? All the best! /Finis
  3. Hi, I have a mixing desk that needs moving fader automation. Well, its a Calrec S2 60-channel console equipped with Alps 10K ohm non-motorized faders. The (long-term) goal is to build an automation system for it to control: - 60 channel faders (30 mono, 30 stereo) - 8 group faders - 2 main out faders Hence, I am basically interested in controlling the desk via Midi from Logic and Pro Tools, not controlling this software although it might be a nice feature for some task. What is the best approach for this project in terms of MB hardware? I would like to stay with a minimum of hardware components but, naturally, still have professional performance (timing) during mixdown. Do I need a core card (if so, 8 or 32?) or can I daisy chain 8 motor fader cards and rewrite the software on each PIC so they respond to one Midi channel (with a SysEx tweak)? ...and big thanks to all amazing contributors, especially TK. /Finis