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  1. ciao, mi sembra di capire che sei italiano....ho visto i tuoi PCB e sono esattamente quello che vorrei fare io....posso chiederti qualche consiglio ?

  2. Hi everybody, After navigating in this forum for a couple of days I would like to pose some questions. I would like to build a HUI to control a specific DAW, ProTools 9(+). I have enough skill on electronics anf uP programming (it's my job). What would be the best platform to achieve my goal ? Solution 1 -> MIDIbox LC (Logic Control). In this case: - wich uP platform is the best ? PIC, STM32 or LPC ? I would prefer STM32, I work almost every day with it. - is C firmware available ? I searched for "LC 2.0 alpha" release, didn't find it. Which uP it it written for ? - Shall I obtain the same performance of Mackie Control, in terms of versatility, multi-function buttons and so on ? - Are there any decal examples for LC ? Just to understand how pushbuttons, LEDs, motorfaders and so on are mapped by default with respect to original LC. Solution 2 -> MIDIBOX mm - I looked into midibox_mm_v2_0e, PIC18F452 would be OK as well, obviously STM32 is on another planet...nobody ported this app ro STM32 ? - Shall I obtain the same performance of MotorMix, in terms of versatility, multi-function buttons and so on ? Solution 3 ? .... I looked at many LC custom realization, i find very practical for an hobbyst to build many single face little boards, but this has a couterpart in wiring complexity when you project grows up. Perhaps I woud consider grouping controls in zones and building a bigger printed circuit, to have a more clean and reliable set. Thank you for your help, Paolo