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  1. FS: Midibox SEQv4

    Simsuchi Has purchase the SEQ, Thanks! Some people have requested the cut file for the enclosure. I will update the file on my acrylic seq enclosure thread soon. Thanks.
  2. FS: Midibox SEQv4

    Hello,   I am selling my Midibox Seq v4. It is based on LPC17 core, and includes the Midi IOx4 expansion, and CV-gate buffers (to bring gates and din sync up to 5v levels)    This is housed in a custom acryllic enclosure. See below:       Price is $440.00 plus actual cost of insured shipping, and 3.65% paypal fees. If you're in the U.S.A. it should all work out to less than $475.00   PM me for additional info.   Thanks!
  3. May I sell my SEQ v4?

    I have a seq v4 running on lpc17 core with midi IO expansion, and CV/Gate buffers all housed in a flat black lasercut acryllic case. All PCB's are smash TV, except for the Gate buffers, that PCB is homemade,  to my own high standards.    I would like to sell it to fund other hobbies.   I estimate that the costs I incurred to build this are $440.00     I would like to sell it for this price, plus actual cost of insured shipping.   TK, will you allow this sale? Does my price seem fair?   Thanks!
  4. MIDI IN - ATARI 2600

    yes, I would like to control the keypresses with note on/off events. 
  5. What Parts will i definately need for a usb midi controller?

    I think it will be much less expensive to buy a commercial controller. The enclosure for your custom midi controller will cost more than an entire APC20. Maybe check Ebay or something. DIY will take an enormous amount of time and effort. to be successful,  so if your goal is to spend the least amount of money to get a functional midi controller, you should definitely buy a finished product.
  6. MIDI IN - ATARI 2600

    The schematic for the ATARI keypads (used for synthcart) is here:   As you can see, the keys are arranged in a 3x3 matrix. I have seen lots of Midibox projects where a keyboard input matrix is hooked up to send midi events, but I can't find one that will let me drive outputs in a matrix... I was hoping there would be a way to do this with midiIO128, but I don't see this config in the asm file...   I know that MB64e drives LED rings in a Matrix, but I'm not sure if I can use it the way I intend to. I also saw an old post where wilba recommended using a CD4066 to drive the matrix from the button side, but I would like to hide all the circuitry inside the Atari 2600. I am familiar with the Highly Liquid midi retrofit kits, but I would prefer to use the MBHP platform since I already have a spare core and DOUT module laying around.   Can someone suggest the proper app for this project?   Thanks!
  7. LPC17 SEQ and BLM Interconnections

    Hello,   I am confused by the connection for BLM on Smash's 4xIIC midi module. Since STM32 does not have midi I/O 4, it can only be connected to Midi I/O 3, - this is clear from the interconnect diagrams, however, I am using LPC17, so should I connect to Midi I/O 3 (J5b) or Midi I/O 4 (J4b) .... also, on the IICx4 board, I see Mi1/Mo1 and Mi2/Mo2, which side should I connect here?   Thanks!
  8. Lasercut Acrylic Case+ Frontpanel for SEQv4

    UPDATE! The bottom panel needs to be mirrored, holes should stay the same, but outline of panel should be mirrored so that the matte finish is on the outside. I will post an updated file eventually, but you can easily do this yourself now.
  9. MIDIbox CV V2 Concept

    Is there any progress on the windows based controller? I'm dying to try this out. I have read that the lemur app will also run on Iphone, perhaps I should buy one, can i use the older (cheaper) generations?
  10. Rename MBSEQ in device manager?

    Hello, I am using Windows with my MBSEQ and all four ports show up as "USB audio device" in device manager, and in ableton live. This is sort of confusing... Does anyone know how I can rename them to something like: MBSEQ IN 1, MBSEQ IN 2, etc... ?
  11. Control surface PCB for 16 encoders/LEDrings Bulk Order

    I'll Take 4
  12. sammichSID questions

    OK, I'm sorry, but there is no software midi thru function. You will have to build a physical hardware midi thru port, which may be difficult to fit in a sammich
  13. I'm selling 30 original CSG-6582A SID Chips! No Fakes, fully tested, working!

    This is an unreasonably inflated price. Shame on you...
  14. MIDIbox SEQ BLM 16x4 Control Surface PCB

    have you made the files available for others to order this PCB?
  15. sammichSID questions

    If your screen still isnt bright enough, maybe you would like to replace it with a OLED module instead of LCD. They are very bright! As for midi out and midi thru, why do you want to do this, are you trying to daisy chain multiple midi devices?