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  1. Cant wait for this to be ready! Great video!
  2. Seq V4 kit and stm core and pcb are sold.
  3. Sorry I didn't see either of these. I have someone interested in all, otherwise I'll split the package between arumblack and Macotronic if you are still interested. I'll post in a day or so.
  4. Yes, basically that is what I mean. I got on the list for the kit a good while ago. Control pcb and everything but the 40 character lcds and case to build the sequencer.
  5. looks like mbseq out of stock again. Any idea when it will be back in stock?
  6. Bought the kit from smashTV with pcb and all component parts, plus the stm32 control pcb and an stm32 unit. Haven't gotten around to building and likely won't anytime soon so looking to sell this to someone looking to build a seqv4. Basically everything you need for the build minus a case. Also have a Seqv4 Lite I'd sell with a faceplate (acrylic I made) but no case - fully working. I've got a midi i/o doubler for that as well. Seqv4 Kit + stm32 pcb and stm32 unit - $200 shipped priority anywhere US. Seqv4 Lite - built - $115 Midi i/o doubler for it - $35 (also already bui
  7. Would be interested if I could find some SID chips...
  8. Also been keeping an eye for several months. Hoping they show up soon. Another thread mentioned one to two weeks back in October, any chance they were there and already gone?
  9. Tried e-mailing smash about getting the SeqV4 pcb board but no response. I don't see them in the shop anymore. How can I get a pcb to build the Seqv4? Anyone know where to get them? I had my name on the bulkorder page but at some point someone marked it out.
  10. Built a Seq V4L last year, not in a case but complete. 200 shipped in US. Also have a Quad II expander - add $50 if you want it as well. I bought more GM5 chips than I needed and have pcbs to go with them. $15 each shipped. I have 3 Gm5 chip/pcb combos available. I also have a few of the Midi Encoder pcbs I ordered last year and never got around to using. $30 each shipped in US (or $24 plus shipping elsewhere - went back and looked at actual shipping costs). Have to look but know I have at least two. Thread here: I also have a GORF midi sequencer for sale - $100 assembled.
  11. One thing I would point out is to be careful with shipping. I think everything came in my order however it was close to not being that way. The top of the package was ripped open from the boards and the resistors and dils had about fallen out (one package was hanging out of the opening. The place where the envelope folds (the edge) is the thinnest and weakest part of the packaging and is easier to rip thus does better when the internal packaging is reinforced and the edges taped.
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