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  1. DOGM128 Backlight

    This was it exactly! I don't knew the function of these pots. P2 is for the contrast I think.   So TK, thanks a lot for your help.
  2. DOGM128 Backlight

    Please, can somebody give me an answer? Should the Backlight on my DOGM128 Display be on by default after booting the LPC17? Or how can I switch it on?
  3. New GLCD Fonts, Bars, Icons for MIDIbox NG

    These glcds are incredible! The Font is not my favorite, but in a vintage kind cool!
  4. SDCard Problem

    So sdcard formatting was a long process. I was to impatient, after a long time, the message came back that everything is OK with formatting now.   I have material for a second LPC17 core module at home so I will build it now to countercheck the issues I have.   Thanks a lot for the quick answers!   Could please somebody reply on my question about the backlight of my display. I only have to know if the backlight should be on after startup. If yes I have to search at my hardware, if not I have to search the correct command in the program. I still have to learn  a lot, thanks for your patience :-)
  5. SDCard Problem

    So I installed the GM5 drivers now and tried to format the sdcard. It's a 4GB sdhc card, I'm waiting now for 10minutes yet, is this normal? The command "sdcard_format yes, I'm sure" is grey, so I think it's working on the formatting?
  6. SDCard Problem

    I'm using a PC, but there's no difference when I'm restarting MIOS Studio after I connect USB to the core. When the connection failed once, the error is always the same until I start it up without sdcard and put the card in the slot after startup of the module.
  7. DOGM128 Backlight

    I succeed to get the DOGM128 Display running. I tried a lot of things until I found a tantal capacitor soldered in wrong polarity.   So I get now the "Ready"-Message on my display, but the backlight is not on. Should it be on without a special command, or how can I switch it on?
  8. SDCard Problem

    The midi connection is by USB. The error message is someting like "core module not found", I don't remember exactly. I will check it this evening at home.
  9. SDCard Problem

    I use the module USB Powered. So when I plug in the usb connection and the SDCard is in the slot, MIOS Studio shows an error.
  10. SDCard Problem

    Is it necessary to always removing the sdcard from the slot when I'm booting?   If I don't remove the card, the Module will not be found in the MIOS Studio.
  11. dogm 128x64 display

    Wenn ich nun die Tutorialapplikation 21 kompiliere und rauflade geht mein LCD nicht an. Ich habe es dann mit der Umgebungsvariable MIOS32_LCD=dog_g versucht, aber der Treiber des dog_g scheint mittlerweile im Universal drinn zu sein. Muss ich der app per mios_studio noch irgendwas mitteilen oder sollte sie von sich aus etwas anzeigen? UUps wir sind ins deutsche abgeschweift: If I compile tutorial 21 and load it up, my LCD does not start up. I tried it with the environment-variable MIOS32_LCD=dog_g but it seems that the driver of the dog_g is implemented in the universal driver yet. Do I have to communicate with the app via mios studio and give her some commands to start up the LCD?
  12. dogm 128x64 display

    Ich konnte mir die Frage selbst beantworten. Aber mir stellt sich eine neue: Im Schema ist ein 2.2µF vermerkt, sollte da gemäss DOG nicht 9x ein 1µF Kondensator rein?
  13. dogm 128x64 display

    I compiled the test driver for the dogm display apps/mios32_test/app_lcd/dog_g When I upload it I get an error: [15691.073] GLCD_DOG Demo started. [15691.073] Configured LCD Parameters in MIOS32 Bootloader Info Range: [15691.074] lcd_type: 0x00 (CLCD) [15691.074] num_x: 2 [15691.074] num_y: 1 [15691.075] width: 20 [15691.075] height: 2 [15691.076] WARNING: your core module hasn't been configured for the GLCD_DOG! [15691.076] Please do this with the bootloader update application!
  14. I would take also more than my ordered four if there are some left. Perhaps we have to split the orders because the proforma invoice amount should not be higher than 50€ including the transportation cost. Otherwise I have to pay tax at the swiss border.
  15. Programming Apps

    OK, I will continue with this one. But can you tell me something about the error of the MSYS Installation? Best regards, Beat