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  1. MIDIBox 16E LPC1769 confusion

    So i was being a bit daft with regards to J8. I've managed to find pinouts for the JTAG and match it all up (still stuck with regards to the 6 pin J9) My next question is; Does Din:signal out connect to Core:signal out or Din:signal out to Core:signal in? Cheers
  2. MIDIBox 16E LPC1769 confusion

    Hi, I'm new here and to MIDIBox in general and i'm having a few confusing problems. I'm trying to wire my DIN and DOUT modules to my EA LPC1769. Now i know that the Dout module is meant to connect to J8 and the Din to J9 but my problem is working out which pin is which. I'v trawled through as much documentation i can find but i'm coming up empty. The problem is that J9 on the board is a collection of three 2-pin jumpers with no discernible pin one and J8 is a 20-pin JTAG, and again, i'n not sure on the pin out. I'm unable to match them all up. Would some one be able to nudge me in the right direction? I've attached a picture of J8 and J9. Cheers