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  1. 3.2 Touch Screen

    The pcb beneath the dispay is forcing me to use the 16bit parallel mode of the 1298 controller. i could read out data from the diplay, but i had no reason to do it yet. i am not capable of getting the display to work in 8bit mode. i can't find the fault and it is driving me mad. they mouted a 74HC573 latch on the pcb to use the 16bit mode with 8 bit input, instead of making it possible to enable the nativ 8bit mode of controller.
  2. ich suche dringend ein zimmer in köln. bezahle auch finderlohn...

  3. 3.2 Touch Screen

    shure we can do that.   i think 25$ for a touchscreen can't be beat.   paul
  4. 3.2 Touch Screen

    I bought a cheap Tochscreen from China on ebay. After some try and error i was able to get it running. It is working quite well. I had some problems with the touch module using the i2c on J8/9. So i had to use some gpio pins on J5A/J5B.   I used the UTFT Library from Henning Karlsen as a starting point.   Maybe someone is interested in the code.     here the link to the display on ebay: http://www.ebay.de/itm/3-2inch-lcd-module-with-touch-panel-bulid-in-SSD1298-controller-PCB-board?item=170863074266&ih=007&category=26206&cmd=ViewItem