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  1. ALPS Encoder with LED-Matrix found

    Whoa @ that price
  2. Control surface PCB for 16 encoders/LEDrings Bulk Order

    Hey is there still the link for the mouser basket with all the necessary components for the pcb?
  3. Drum Pads?

    this is exactly what I needed, thanks...
  4. Drum Pads?

    does anybody know from experience if they are any issues with MIOS handling the amount of midi messages FSR's send?
  5. Drum Pads?

    Ah, now my options open up much more! Now I can even conceptualize using the NI Maschine pads w/ a breakout that has an LED matrix... maybe
  6. Drum Pads?

    I was thinking of using the MPC/MPK style pads with the pad sensor for my keyboard controller. http://www.mpcstuff.com/mpc10mpkpads.html And I found these on sparkfun.com https://www.sparkfun.com/products/7835 The pads at sparkfun would be much easier to install...I'm not sure how I would install the MPC/MPK pads with the ribbon cable. But I don't think the sparkfun button pads are very conducive to finger drumming... I doubt they are responsive at all. They seem like the monome buttons. Any other ideas?
  7. I know this community likes to make us n00bs do their homework lol... Here is what I came up with when applying a little initiative.. Mark @ Midas said.. So it's a derivative of the HDD44780 controller.... from what WIKI says though.. SPLC780 definitely works. this is SPLC780(D) soo????
  8. Control surface PCB for 16 encoders/LEDrings Bulk Order

    So this would be easier? I am ignorant when it comes to panel design... I was trying to wrap my head around how to design the cutouts for the LED's... I was thinking all the cuts done in one metal panel.
  9. I have a question about the LCD I want to purchase.. The WIKI says And I looked up the technical data sheet for this LCD http://export.farnell.com/midas/mc41605a6w-fptla/lcd-16x4-fstn-black-on-amber/dp/2219034 It says the character display is standard but the driver chips spec is listed as "standard". And it's "chip on glass" as opposed to chip on board.
  10. Wow, I was looking at the future plans for the MIDI KB. If you implement control surface... and later on sampling capability with waveform editing...Would that be the first totally Open Source workstation? That would be pretty amazing.
  11. Got it..perfect. thanks
  12. Oh yea, I already jumped on that bulk order!! That LED Ring PCB alone is going to take me a month to solder up!! :( Cool, gonna go do some shopping now. BTW: What is the SD card for?
  13. Yea, sorry... I actually caught my error and didn't come back to edit my post. So, I have to wait for the rollout of NG? Because after another review I figured CORE_LPC17 would be the way to go. That would be a major bummer if I had to put my shopping binge on hold...Would I at least be able to buy all the same components while I wait for the core or are those going to be phased out too?? Thanks for the response by the way!