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  1. Issue with Encoders (Midibox16e without ledrings)

    So it tested fine in MISO studio!   But inside of max it just doesn't see the moving of the encoder slowly? Strange  :no:   Steve
  2. Issue with Encoders (Midibox16e without ledrings)

    Hi TK,   Ah that's good to know then!   I'm building a Max for live patch to route the encoders to various devices inside Ableton live, it does show the values of 1 and 7f when moved in the correct fashion. But the value is not updated once you keep on rotating, only when you rotate it faster, then it moves to 02 or 7e.   So I guess this is something I need to look at inside my max patch.   I'll also see what happens within MIIOS Studio...    Thanks   Steve
  3. Loving this tune! >Dimitri Veimar - Obama & Birds [Clouded Vision] Find it on the latest daniel avery rinse fm show...

    1. jojjelito


      Good stuff!

  4. Hi guys,   So just putting together my updated midibox based project   And am having a little trouble with these encoders   The issue is they work great in absolute mode but when in any of the other modes ie 00 +/- speed, when turning slowly the value doesn't seem to increase/decrease and when turned fast the value seems to jump up or down (depending on which way you're turning them)   Should I try using the custom encoder mode, if so any help with it?   This is all running off a pic based core board, with a modified midibox16e without ledrings program.  I've used this one as I don't require LED rings and I've added extra encoders to the code for my needs    Thanks   Steve