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  1. It s been 3 years from now but the EnderBox project is starting again \o/


  2. SetBankOfHwID

    Hello, I have two questions about this command :   1 - Is it possible to precise the type of hw_id in the meta command SetBankOfHwId ? I need it to change some encoders bank but my Dout matrix is receiving the instruction as well (which is not needed)   In example something like :   meta=SetBankOfHwId:ENC:14   .. to change only the bank of the encoder 14   ..or..   meta=SetBankOfHwId:ENC:any   .. to change the bank of all the encoder and nothing else     2 - Second question, is it possible to change the bank of an item defined by a matrix ? If i use...      meta=SetBankOfHwId:1001   ...to change the bank of my RGB matrix led event i have an error in MIOS studio like :   ERROR: expecting 1 values for meta type in EVENT_BUTTON ... meta=SetBankOfHwId       In other words: Is it possible to have a new instruction called SetBankfwd_id where we can use the same events like fwd_id ? :p
  3. DAW controller orientations and design

    I did what we supposed at the end :   1 - I setup the RGB matrix with driver connected to 5V permanentely. (so i only need 3 SR per matrix)       i declare it like this :            DOUT_MATRIX n= 2   rows=4 inverted_sel=1 inverted_row=1   sr_dout_sel1= 0  sr_dout_r1= 5 sr_dout_g1= 6 sr_dout_b1= 7  led_emu_id_offset=1501          DOUT_MATRIX n= 3   rows=4 inverted_sel=1 inverted_row=1   sr_dout_sel1= 0  sr_dout_r1= 8 sr_dout_g1= 9 sr_dout_b1= 10  led_emu_id_offset=1801          note : the sr_dout_sel=0 (i think this is the dummy SR because i read it in many settings)       so for 2 RGB matrix i only need 6 SR. (5 to 10 in my case here.)   The Blackscreen are now as brighter as they can and i can control them with the rgb=r:g:b command.   Of course this means that my RGB matrix are only 1 row maximum.
  4. DAW controller orientations and design

    I setup 3 radio buttons that represente 3 functions i can assign to my encoders. The objective is to change to color of the screen according these 3 buttons when i move an encoder.   here is how i do that :   EVENT_BUTTON id=  35   type=CC chn=1 cc=16  button_mode=OnOnly  range= 0:0   radio_group=1 EVENT_BUTTON id=  39   type=CC chn=1 cc=16  button_mode=OnOnly  range= 1:1   radio_group=1 EVENT_BUTTON id=  40   type=CC chn=1 cc=16  button_mode=OnOnly  range= 2:2   radio_group=1   DOUT_MATRIX n= 2   rows=4 inverted_sel=1 inverted_row=1   sr_dout_sel1= 0  sr_dout_r1= 5 sr_dout_g1= 6 sr_dout_b1= 7  led_emu_id_offset=1501   EVENT_ENC    id=  1  hw_id=1 bank= 1  fwd_id=LED_MATRIX:1    fwd_to_lcd=1  type=CC     chn= 1 cc= 16   range=  0:127  offset=  0  ports=1000100000001000  lcd_pos=1:1:1  label="ENC #%3i    %3d@(1:16:1)%B" EVENT_ENC    id= 1001  hw_id=1 bank= 1 if_equal=Button:40:2  fwd_id=LED:100  EVENT_ENC    id= 1002  hw_id=1 bank= 1 if_equal=Button:39:1  fwd_id=LED:102    EVENT_ENC    id= 1003  hw_id=1 bank= 1 if_equal=Button:35:0  fwd_id=LED:101   EVENT_LED id=100 fwd_id=LED:1502  rgb=15:0:0 EVENT_LED id=101 fwd_id=LED:1502  rgb=0:0:15 EVENT_LED id=102 fwd_id=LED:1502  rgb=0:15:0   My problem here is that the led are activated only when the encoder value is > 63. I want it to be activated everytime i move the encoder.   Can i force it ?
  5. DAW controller orientations and design

    It's working :)
  6. DAW controller orientations and design

      I think this is the answer. It might be ok for a led but it's not enought for a LCD blackscreen. (at least not those like mines)   I was wondering something but I don't know if this can works:   1- Setup 3 differents dout matrix to separate my 3 rows on 3 differente boards. 2- the replace the driver by a constant 5V   This should allow me to use the rgb=r:g:b instruction from the matrix function and avoid the scanning effect right ? (I have spare dout I could use for that)
  7. DAW controller orientations and design

    No I have no OSC sorry :/ Is there any way to drive RGB led without matrix ? because it seems that it's not allowed to use rows=1 in the matrix definition.
  8. DAW controller orientations and design

    The picture is from the original post of the protodeck project : http://julienbayle.net/works/creation/protodeck-midi-controller-for-ableton-live/   I use it as a model to describe what I am using here.   I have 2 differences : - I use no resistance nor resistor array. - I will have 22 RGB at the end, so 3x8 (not 8x8)   I just setup what you said on a breadboard and the led still not bright.   I cannot test the rows=1 because it generate an error in mios : [839542.973] [MBNG_FILE_C:10] ERROR invalid row number for DOUT_MATRIX n=1 ... rows=1 (only 4 or n*8 allowed)
  9. DAW controller orientations and design

    I actually setup only 16 screens but I will have 22 of them at the end so the 1 row matrix cannot fits my requirements.   The LCD are common anode. The data sheet can be found here : http://www.ebay.com/itm/16x2-Character-LCD-5V-RGB-Backlight-Negative-Mode-RGB-on-Black-2x16-Row-USA-/150826420761   So i declare my matrix like this :   DOUT_MATRIX n=1  rows=4  inverted_sel=1 inverted_row=1 sr_dout_sel1=1  sr_dout_r1=2  sr_dout_g1=3 sr_dout_b1=4 led_emu_id_offset=1001   The wiring is inspired from the "hacked dout" of the protodeck project but without any resistance nor resistance array.
  10. DAW controller orientations and design

    yes exactly.   On the picture they are ok but it was before i use the dout matrix. They were connected directly to 5V at this time to "test" the colors.   The RGB matrix is working very well. I can change the color using the rgb=rr:gg:bb in my led event but it's definatlly not bright enought to be workable by day.
  11. DAW controller orientations and design

    I just setup the dout Matrix to control the RGB screens. I take some time to understand how it works but now it's ok and it's amazing to watch all the colors available.   I'm now facing a new issue. I think it's related to the "non-permanent" current going thru the matrix. I mean that my LCD are not glowing as expected. (on the picture the LCD glowing OK but they are directly connected to a power source and not to the matrix)   I remove all the resistor from the dout and it's kinda better but not enought.   I tried two circuits, on with ULN 2803 and one with 74HC541 which improve the result but not enought again.   I'm am now wondering if I can use a capacitor to smooth the current drop but I'm not sure on the way to do it.   If this kind of trick cannot works i guess I will have to use DOUT module without matrix but this will make the RGB control much more complicated.   Any advises ?   Thank you in advance, Ender
  12. DAW controller orientations and design

    Tada !!!!   Everyhting works ! Finally :)
  13. LCD chain troubles

    Hi ! I had 2 crazy months at my job so I did not answer before... sorry about that.   All the LCD are now working perfectly without using the above circuit. I just split the LCDs in 2 chains and plug half of them on J15a and the other half on J15b. It means 8 lcd screens per socket in my actual case (16 in total). In the final configuration i should have 22 LCD screens so I will keep in touch about this workaround.   Regards, Ender
  14. LCD chain troubles

    Hi ! I received the 74HC541 and make the circuit as illustrated before. I also added a 220r for D0 to D7 and  powered the Dout with 5V from J4A.   Actually none of this works but i believe i miss something with : "BL and V0 are replicated for every 4 to 8 LCD units. " because i didnt do anything about that... what does this comments means please ? Ender
  15. DAW controller orientations and design

    I tried this and it drastically improve the result. I still have some glitche but they are rare.   FYI: i did not have 100ohm resistor at my disposition so i use 2 x 220ohm in parrallele. I will be able to try with real 100ohm in a week.