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  1. lis0r

    3D printing experiments

    My experiments with 3D printing, mostly abandonned.
  2. lis0r

    Bad LCD?

    Hi, I vertical line of pixels seems to have died on the top two rows of my MB-6582 display. I'm guessing this is down to the LCD panel going bad? Thanks! Lisa
  3. Given this whole damn thread came about precisely because the files you feed a board house aren't available, this seems pretty damn petty! We're on the cusp of getting these boards built so they can be tested, and the files released as open source. Do you really want to sabotage that by pissing people off to the point where they can no longer be bothered? Because that's all you're going to achieve by reairing old vendettas!
  4. Sorry for disappearing again - work is absolutely mental. I've been given permission to do a single small batch of the boards, which with my board house is 10 boards. If TK gives his permission, I'd be more than happy to open source the files. If someone else is willing to take over the boards under the same conditions, equally I'd be happy to pass them on, but again, permission from TK would likely be wise.
  5. Hi all, Sorry to disappear for a while. Everything has been going wrong for me! First I lose my front panels, and then work becomes a nightmare - the company I work for is being sold, and everything is looking very hazy from this point out. I'm pretty sure the PCB files are good - I went over them in software and all the nets look good, they look right when I upload them to DirtyPCBs, and Gerald graciously tested the fit as best the image would allow. However, I can't guarantee the boards are going to work until I've had a chance to build one up, which is where we come to the problem
  6. Hi all, I'm afraid I've not ordered PCBs yet. Unfortunately, I've managed to misplace my control surface aluminium panel, so I can't check if the holes will line up. The most recent PDF file I printed above seems to be the right size - I printed it out and stitched it together, and the dimensions looked correct. If anyone else with a panel can do the same, and check the holes do line up, then I'll be a bit happier that the PCB is right. Lisa
  7. Sadly my home printer is not really good enough for the task. Hopefully I will find the time to try printing out the layout elsewhere so I can compare it to panels, etc. early next week. Anything anyone can do to help regarding layout review would be much appreciated.
  8. Those are exactly what I used for reference :) The thing is, I have gerbers, so once I'm happy with them, I can get boards made.
  9. http://www.bismuth83.co.uk/~lisa/v4.pdf When I load this in preview, the dimensions look about right, so fingers crossed this has converted properly this time.
  10. Ignore this, it looks like the conversion from EPS to PDF has screwed it up.
  11. I believe L31 is rotated on the original CS PCB, so I duplicated that to ensure the same instructions could be followed. i will have a think about the trace - the board is autorouted, and the tool is a bit of a pain to use. i'll try and find the time to make a PDF, hopefully that will deal with scale better than SVG.
  12. Yeah, I've used the rule checks in Eagle before, but this board is too big for the free version! It's passed all the tests (automatic and manual) that I have available to me, but due to the nature of the board, it'll cost a non-trivial amount of money to run, so I'm trying to avoid getting it wrong!
  13. An SVG of my layout is available from http://www.bismuth83.co.uk/~lisa/v4.svg If this needs converting to PDF to be printable, please let me know. Because I'm allergic to the bad GUI that is kicad, I built this design using PCB-RND. If anyone has sufficient knowledge to review it electrically, I can send them the source file that will be used to generate gerbers, etc. To protect the midibox IP, I won't be making it publicly available. Thanks! Lisa
  14. Thanks Gerald - I will try and sort something out for you to look at this evening. Thanks!
  15. Hi all, First things first: I've got TK's and Wilba's blessing for this. I have almost all the parts required to build a SEQ v4 except the control surface PCB, which has been out of stock. So I've recreated my own clone from the available schematics and dimensional drawings. I have permission to run a small batch, and sell those surplus to my personal requirements. Would anybody else be interested in this? Is there anyone with the needed skills who'd be willing to help me verify the board layout before it gets sent for manufacturing, please? I'm pretty sure it's right, but I'd l
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