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  1. It is finally done, my Midibox NG powered analog synth hardware is finished. Usually, it runs pretty smooth with some occasional hiccups. Unfortunately, the power supply is off by almost half a volt on the +15V rail, so I have to re-tune everything. So, there is still some work to do. The next step will be to finish the software by figuring out a lot of stuff like an individual menu structure, free detuning of my second and third oscillator as well as preset save and recall and sending presets from and to the midibox by sysex. Thank you all very much for your support! I would never have
  2. Just a quick followup: It was indeed a fried pin. After replacing the LPCxPresso board (Rev D) and going through the horror of figuring out how to get the bootloader onto that darn thing (as well as bending all of the header pins on the right side of the board in order to finally ram the displaced row into the headers of the midibox board), my LCD went back to operate perfectly. In case you need to set up a Rev D LPC17 as well one day, better find this post instead of figuring out the steps by yourself:
  3. after a couple of hours going exactly through these steps myself, tripping over exactly the same stumbling blocks and figuring out exactly the same solutions, I find your post ...face palming myself. But at least I can confirm, that it indeed works after a lot of pin bending and ramming the board onto the headers. I also soldered a short wire for the two Ethernet LEDs onto the left side of LED3 and 4. The network connector ones lit up, but only dimly. I guess, I should have done that either onto the right side of the SMD LED's or onto the left side of the corresponding resistors on the LPCxPr
  4. Thank you for the compliment as well as your sympathies for the SEQ. Rest assured, the SEQ is all fine and dandy. It is my second project (a full fledged analog synth, based on Midibox NG) I am talking about, which also got a nice looking case. Pictures will follow, as soon as I get the display running. In my case, the two J5s as well as the J4s would be unused, as I'm running a SCS at J10. Also thank you for pointing me into the right direction with the pin mapping file. It is not very appealing to build own explicit hex files of course. Especially, since I am more the hardware guy
  5. Hey everybody As it seems, I fried the R/W output pin of my LPC17 (p1.27 of the LPC1769 xpresso). When I moved my Synth from the cardboard housing over to the new wood case, I accidentally plugged the 5V supply into J27 next to J2, the actual supply pins. The 800mA slow blow fuse blew instantly, so I assumed, that I had shorted 5V to GND of J27 but everything except for the fuse was alright. Of course, the move from one housing to the other lead to a lot of cables being too short and a bit of debugging due to shorts with the front panel and so on and so forth. The last thing t
  6. Highcooley


    I used the following TC011 switches with the 4 button boards I designed a while back, attached in the button's description: The small boards are mounted on four M3 standoffs each with 15mm spacers. In total, it's 16 of these small boards, an additional matrix board for the shift registers and eight ribbon cable strands with 20pin connectors. My initial thought was, that these small boards would be very versatile (which they are) and ultra-cheap in production as a 20 pack of small PCBs is a fraction of the price of one single large PCB. However, this also meant, that I needed 64 stan
  7. Highcooley


    Thanks guys!
  8. Finally, my Midibox Seq is done, including a BLM as well as a TPD. Inspired by sineSurfer's wood case, I trained my carpentry skills to accomplish a decent case myself
  9. Hi Thorsten Ah, I got it. I have to first "save" each snapshot number (like set it up the first time) at least once, in order to "dump" values in it. As it seems, I haven't fully understood the difference between saving and dumping a snapshot. Can you please explain this? What I intend to do is simply store all current set values into a snapshot whenever I hit the button. Can I simply use save every time? How about the multiple banks of presets? Is my assumption correct, that I have to save them in different .NGS which would mean that I need to have copies of all configuration files
  10. Hey everybody Today, I tried to get a step further with my synth and start configuring snapshot functionalities. Unfortunately, I didn't get very far. I can set snapshot numbers and save or dump them. I don't get the exact difference, but I belief that saving means that the last event state is being saved and dump means that all ID's states get saved (except the nodump ones). Can somebody confirm this assumption? As far as I understand, 127 different snapshots (127 times all ID's states) can be saved/dumped into one .NGS file. When I do this (via SCS standard menu or a se
  11. In case anybody else has a similar problem, here the solution: I figured out that whenever I had mi DSO attached to the FC line, the fourth AOUT_NG module worked fine most of the time. If I detached the probe after the initialisation phase of the midibox, the chip stopped working until I reattached it. This smelled like an AC termination issue, or better to say the lack of it. Since an AINSER64 in series with four AOUT_NG modules results in quite a long total cable length, these problems can occur. Basically, the signals can get reflected at the end of the line causing timing problems between
  12. Hi Thorsten Sorry for warming up this thread, but I've got trouble with my fourth AOUT_NG module again. After a break which unfortunately took me a couple of months, I started working on my synth again. I soon noticed, that something is amiss with the fourth board. The outputs don't react at all. To test correctly, I used a config file with a reset command and this single line "AOUT type=AOUT_NG cs=1 num_channels=32". Testing aouts with the caliaout command, I was able to test different outputs from 1-24. Everything worked except 25-32 on last board. Since I am pretty sure that they on
  13. Hi Thorsten Perfect, this command is splendid. Best Regards, Andy
  14. Hmmm, nope I was not aware of that. This explains some of the odd behavior I noticed. Is exec_meta SaveSnapshotimplemented? I only get error messages if I have it in an .NGR An .NGR command which only saves if there are changes and also doesn't save more often than every couple of seconds would be very elegant. I won't push a button and switch the synth off immediately afterwards anyways. So only saving if there are changes after 10-15 seconds would be more than enough. Best Regards, Andy
  15. Hi Thorsten It hasn't necessarily to be this section. I just want to automatically recall all last toggle button states after each power on. And since I don't see a way, how they could be saved when the power gets switched off, they probably have to be saved every time a button changes its state. I misunderstood the way the LED event works, since I thought it only would get executed once every time it changes its state. But obviously, this happens every time as long as the LED is lit. So this section is probably not the right one to do this dump. But how else can this be done? Best Regards, A
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