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  1. I see what you are saying. setup_6581.hex is what I need. I tried using it yesterday but received an error in MIOS studio that indicated the core was not recognized. I am working through the trouble shooting guide right now.
  2. I have already been using the midibox_sid_v2_043 folder. Also the PIC I bought from SmashTV already came with the bootloader and MIOS. On the IC it reads: Do you still think I would need to change the bootloader?
  3. Hello. Last summer I built a midibox sid, but I got stuck on the installation phase. After editing the setup_6581.asm file and running the make command I got quite a few hex files, yet none of them are called 'project.hex'. It appears that I am suppose to use this file in MIOS Studio 2 but I do not know how to get it. If someone could point me in the right direction it would be much appreciated. Also in terms of where I am at in completing this project, how much more do I have to do? If there is one I would like to know what the next step is.
  4. I see. The pins are spaced so that even a 4 pin connector will fit into a 7 pin port. On the subject of software installation, I have not made progress. I just started my first year of college, and am getting through the first week. This weekend I have time set aside for troubleshooting. Hoping to get it working. This "Ready" screen is taunting me.
  5. I am building a v2 of the midibox sid. The core is stuffed with a PIC18F4685. The reason why I wrote v3 is because I was quoting the guide that I am following for MIOS Studio: http://www.ucapps.de/mios_studio.html Next to step 3, marked with a purple "3", the guide refers to a folder called "midibox_sid_v3". It might be a typo on their part because I don't think there is a version 3 of the midibox sid. Anyway, within the midibox_sid_v2_043 folder I have the following .hex files: setup_6581.hex setup_8580.hex setup_mb6582.hex setup_sammich_sid.hex setup_tk.hex setup_tk2.hex sid_filt
  6. I extracted that file you linked me which gave me the midibox_sid_v2_043 folder. I placed that folder inside the mios_base_v1_1 folder (again just trying to get my set up to look like the guide's) and I ran the make command. The result was 16 lines of code. None of which said error so I assume it worked. If you would like to see these results please let me know. I can type them up for you. To my understanding doing this would give me .hex files as the guide says: I read in the Mios Studio guide that I would need to browse for the project.hex file located in the "midibox_sid_v3" f
  7. I tried adding the "apps" folder to the directory. I received the same error as before. Because command prompt could not find the makefile, I looked into the template folder which contains 4 more folders and in those I found makefiles. I then added one of those folders to the directory (the asm_skeleton for example) and ran the make command. When I did this I think command prompt was able to locate the make file. However, I received these errors: Makefile:21: /include/makefile/asm_only.mk: No such file or directory Makefile:24: /modules/app_lcd/dummy/app_lcd.mk: No such file or directory
  8. I moved the mios_base_v1_1 folder into the c drive. I then changed the directory to: C:\mios_base_v1_1> I then typed: C:\mios_base_v1_1>SET PATH=C:\msys\1.0\bin;%programfiles%\gputils\bin;%programfiles%\SDCC\bin;%PATH% and on the next line typed: make I still received the same error: make: *** No targets specified and no makefile found. Stop.
  9. I downloaded and extracted mios_base_v1_1 to my desktop. I then changed the directory in command prompt to: "C:\Users\Jake Harper\Desktop\mios_base_v1_1>" (without quotes) Next I needed to set the path. Code: "C:\Users\Jake Harper\Desktop\mios_base_v1_1>SET PATH=C:\msys\1.0\bin;%programfiles%\gputils\bin;%programfiles%\SDCC\bin;%PATH%" (without quotes) I understand that "msys" is lower case and in the quick start guide they use uppercase. I use lowercase because the folder in my c drive is lowercase. On the next line I type "make", yet I get the error that reads: "make: *** N
  10. I am still working on getting through the Quick Start Guide. SDCC, MSYS, and GPUtils have been installed. Quote taken from the Quick Start Guide: I would like to know more about "the files" that I need to download from ucapps.de. What are the files called? At first I thought the guide was referring to the MIOS_Studio application. I downloaded that from ucapps.de. However, I can only assume they are reffering to something else I need to get. Please correct me if I have made any assumptions that are wrong or irrelevant, thanks.
  11. Hello. Sorry for the delay in the reply. I did not want to post something until I made progress. The female connectors I ordered did not fit so I got new ones. I have also been out of town. Finished with the power supply circuit. I checked the voltages and everything checks out perfectly on all modules. I inserted the ICs which got me to the screen that says "Ready" (yay I did not mess up). I am reading through the installation guide now. I do not have an interface for the midi in or midi out, but luckily my friend gave me an adapter which goes to USB. I just got it today along with th
  12. I have never had the chance of using a midi cable before. I assumed it processed the midi data and audio. Thanks for the information. I ended up finding a datasheet for a 2x20 Densitron display with the same physical dimensions as the one I have. Even though the model number is not the same I plan on using it anyway. As far as the power supply goes I now realize there are no 7 pin C64 PSUs in circulation. Everything on ebay is the 4 pin type which will not match up with my port that I will get from my C64. I think using this solution will work best for me: http://www.teamliquid.net/bl
  13. Hey everyone! I have been working on my SID synthesizer for the past couple months. I have the Core and SID modules (that I got from SmashTV) assembled, and my parts for the minimal control surface finally came in the mail. I have attached images of the 2x20 LCD that I will be using. The problem I am having is that I do not know where to go to find documentation on how to wire this display up so that it will function with the rest of my modules. I bought it assuming that these universal displays have some sort of standardization. Given that you guys have set up an LCD display before what w
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