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  1. MB-6582 For Sale

    You sure know how to make a man go moist... I just cant buy it right now... I am on the road with no address and tight budget. But in one or two months I will easily but it and give it a great and active music life. It was really sexy that thing. Good job! Bjørn
  2. Midibox ønskes

    Veldig interessant. Ja sjekk gjerne med han. Takk!
  3. Wanted Midibox SID V2

    I know! I love the innovative Swedes. :-)
  4. Wanted Midibox SID V2

    Moving to Sweden. Its not too far, but the sheer energy required to move 1000km with kids and household is ginormous.........   I´m thankful for your offers. Will consider them and PM you....   It´s humbling to hear how helpful you all are.   -B
  5. Finished Seq4 (...endlich)

    Impressive! You guys are amazing.
  6. Midibox ønskes

    Hei folkens. Har noen av dere en midibox av ett eller annet slag liggende som ikke blir brukt?
  7. [S] 8580 and 6581 SID's up for sale

    AndroSID, hav you got anything left for sale now?
  8. Wanted Midibox SID V2

    Thank you both for your replies. Hawkeye I would love to build one, but I'm afraid I dont have time for it right now. I'm in the middle of moving into a new country, pluss a lot of projects and family. I will have to do this later. It sure sounds fun though! Ilmentor, I live in Norway right now.
  9. That is nice! Well done!
  10. Wanted Midibox SID V2

    Anyone have an assembled Midibox Sid V2 for sale?   I suck at electronics, but just love the SID....