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  1. SOLVED: MB 6582 power problems

    If I were to build the board again I'd probably chose another headers, as the molex ones are too tight. Probably something like: https://www.pololu.com/category/177/0.1-2.54-mm-screw-terminal-blocks Haven't tested them myself, but they might be a better fit. Has anyone successfully used any of those screw terminals blocks?
  2. SOLVED: MB 6582 power problems

    I used these ones: https://m.reichelt.de/Molex-Vielfachsteckverbinder/MOLEX-22012085/3/index.html?ACTION=3&GROUPID=7981&ARTICLE=185655&OFFSET=16&&SID=96WMbx06wQATMAAGj1-PA8d388a3a2ac60bea71117c221d597d2c&LANGUAGE=EN But mind you that the fit is very tight and the ribbon cables are tricky to get properly folded in order to close the case. It's a good idea to use shorter ribbon cables than I did. When I noticed I had already soldered them on the other side and it's quite a PITA to redo them.
  3. MB6582 J73 and documentation

    Thanks for the clarifications! Just wanted to be 100% sure, as I was a bit paranoid with the power issues I had in my previous failed build. Cheers!
  4. MB6582 J73 and documentation

    Hi! Just a quick question on the documentation for the J73 bridge. In this wiki page it says it needs to be soldered for PSU options A and B: http://www.midibox.org/dokuwiki/doku.php?id=wilba_mb_6582_base_pcb_construction_guide On this other page it says that J73 is for option C only (note 3): http://www.midibox.org/dokuwiki/doku.php?id=wilba_mb_6582_parts_list I guess the correct info is the one in the first page, but just wanted to make sure. Thanks!
  5. SOLVED: MB 6582 power problems

    There's some space, but not much. The headers have some space as the control PCB is shorter. It takes a while to have everything aligned when closing it, making sure none of the ribbon cables gets smashed.
  6. Thanks a lot for the info! It was a perfect timing for me, as I was trying to get this OLED display working: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/131999107925 After soldering the bridges and setting the device ID to use the 8bit driver, it works!  
  7. SOLVED: MB 6582 power problems

    I'm updating this post in case someone experiences a similar problem. After some months I got new PCBs and built another MB6582 main board. To my surprise, it seemed that I was having the very same problem as with the previous one. So, I started to do some checks with a cheap DIY oscilloscope and discovered that I was getting some AC power from the ground line. The reason: the replacement power supply I got from Ray had the ground wired to earth, and my place has very dirty earth! I guess that's a common practise in the US, but here in the UK the wiring in some old flats is terrible and you get tons of noise and leaks from your neighbours. I guess that this "moving" ground caused the filter electrolytics after the bridge rectifier to go bad after some time, as they were getting some voltage on the negative lead, ouch! As the replacement power supply was built in a metal enclosure and I needed to have both rails floating, I decided to build my own PSU based on the "dual power supply" that can be found in the forums. I feel safer with a plastic enclosure 
  8. Fantastic news!!!! I just ordered a couple of sets. Thanks a lot Tim for supporting the midibox community!!!
  9. Bumping this. I'm afraid that my attempts to contact Tim and TK have not been very successful yet  In the meantime let's keep hope that the boards will get back in stock some time in the future.
  10. Hi! I tried contacting Tim (SmashTV) some weeks ago regarding this and no response yet. I'm afraid he's not very active in the forum lately. Hope he's well and it's just he's on holidays. Not sure if some of the other Midibox gurus like Wilba or TK could also help us. Let's see if they show around, otherwise will try contacting them too in a few weeks. Fingers crossed, as the MB 6582 is an amazing DIY project! Cheers!