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  1. All,   Looking through (admittedly pretty old) threads on here, it seems that people have previously sold Alps K series motorised faders for around €10 or less even.  I can't see them at any of the normal supppliers (Mouser, RS etc) for even double that price.  Is there a cheapo supplier of these faders that I don't know about? And is there any interest on here for a group buy?  I am in for 16, so could we make it to 50 or even 100?   Cheers   DD
  2. Do you need motorised faders? Or have some to sell?
  3. MB-LRE8x2CS rev 4.6 BULK ORDER spring 2014

    Perhaps I'm being thick, but I can't see a way to register an account on the Wiki, which is apparently necessary mow according to a sticky on the forum.   Jerome, please would you register my order on your waiting list?   MB-LR4x2CS_RED          x 4 MB-E4x2CS                      x 4 25MM shaft encoders       x 50   Thanks,   DD
  4. MB-LRE8x2CS rev 4.6 BULK ORDER spring 2014

    OK, thanks.  I presumed that MB-E4x2CS which has two rows of four pots would be two pots per channel.  Can it be configured that way if I want?  One pot for pan say, and another for let's say an aux send both on the same channel?   Cheers!
  5. MB-LRE8x2CS rev 4.6 BULK ORDER spring 2014

    Hey Jerome   So I am just starting to plan a MidiBox NG and I would like to include these rotary encoder PCBs.  I'm not sure right now whether I'll go for 16 or 24 channels, but I think they'll be in banks of four, so using 16 channels as an example I would need : MB-LR4x2CS_RED          x 4 MB-E4x2CS                      x 4 25MM shaft encoders       32 (though I see you sell them in multiples of 25)   Is that correct?   Is there any advantage or disadvantage of using MB-LRE8x2CS instead of MB-LR4x2CS_RED except that the LEDs are pre-soldered on the MB-LR4x2CS_RED modules?  Of course, each board is 8 channels instead of 4, but apart from that and the pre-soldered LEDs, are there any differences?   Thanks,   DD