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  1. Yep, I just stole beautyofdecay_ case design as I never got around to it myself and seeing his lovely one made it easier to decide to upgrade. Got the BLM/TPD from ilmenator ofc, had the case, so wasnt to bad a deal to finally have it done :)  So many thanks to the beauty and the ill ;) Still to do: Fix one led on the BLM that doesnt light up (button is fine) and calibrate CV-out.   
  2. Solved. The main reason for bezels which I didnt include was the cause ...  going from plastic panel to metal I discovered there was several leds that had an open side to the panel, shorting some legs to ground/panel. Havent found them all yet, found three at first, but confirmed that all is as it should be without front panel. Luckily I had used several days on a similar problem with a synth repair, those leds will drive you nuts unless youre aware of the possibility.  Aaaand 13 leds later its allright ... 
  3. After the stm32F4 core was made available, and there finally was some fine fpd files, BLM, TPD etc I decided to upgrade my Seqv4 in the style of beutyofdecay_  However, after upgrading to STM, finally getting application running and setting up HW file with the one for BLM then TPD as a beginning, Im having problems with the wilba panel.  BLM seems to work as intented, as well as TPD, but Wilba does not correspond properly to the functions when I press the buttons, utility and others are moved, choosing tracks show several leds lit, etc Has there been another version of the CS panel since 2009ish? Mine is the blue 2009 version. Its the same result with every version of the wilba basic configuration.  Its the same behaviour even without BLM and TPD connected. Attached is the HW file.  At startup buttons Track group 1 and 2 and track 1, track+parameter layer 1, edit, mute, pattern and forward light up green.  And as said, even though buttons will light up when pressed, the functions do not correspond to panel/expected. Panel was working fine on LPC17 core.    MBSEQ_HW.V4
  4. And its alive :D A combination of using bin always, setting to single midi, changing device name, changing around different B usb cables ... i finally found mios32 device over midi and could flash :)
  5. Im uploading over USB as in all posted examples, apologies if that was unclear (wasnt really aware ST-link was a dongle programmer as well) ... but yes, Ive tried that, no difference. 
  6. Yep, tried wipe, tried using both bin and hex file. Settings in ST-link as attached (default). Should I try uploading with another programmer than ST-link? If so with what fuse settings etc?  Still inclined to blame windows as I see no midi device from STM no matter what I do.  As for core jumpers J1 on STM as well as the two for ST-link is jumpered. Comparison in ST-Link finds no problem.    Is there a way to force it to boot from user flash memory?   
  7. Nope, nothing wrong there. Would I need to have both the USB connections in? I jumpered from 5V to PA9 so i wouldnt have to.  The problem seems to be that when I press start in MIOS the connection to the core immediatly drops, but after the upload fail (few seconds) it reconnects saying bootloader cant be entered.  Ive done nothing to the settings this time around, but I tried various settings in help(limiting to one midi etc) yesterday. Device ID, name etc updates so theres obviously contact.  Also tried hold blue, press black, continue to hold blue ... but then result is that it loses contact until I release blue again (thats the screenshot asking me to reset the core).  Attached screenshot for successfull bootloader programming. Also finally shows up as STM in device manager.   
  8. Yes. Might there be some setting for the STlink program that has to be right? Reset mode or something?  Also all that is connected now is the core itself and a single midi i/o board. No sd card text file, no jumpers except midi power.  I dont see that it should matter, but just mentioning in case its relevant. 
  9. Yes, firmware is updated, stm is from mouser (407 IC MB997 model, so knew I had to update). I used ST-link.  Tried reuploading bootloader and different versions of the 0.95 files (there was 2014 and 2018 versions), still same.  Is there some setting in the help commands that might help?      
  10. Intstead of relying on usb midi from stm I connected main board and one of the midi cards and got as far as this, where if I just have it connected it is recognized as up to date bootloader, but drops out when programming ... or as this while cycling and holding blue button, where it gets no core response.   
  11. As title, upgrading from lpc17 to STM ... Ive installed bootloader, but win 10 simply wont find the device and my old mac either (that I could find no midi app for).  Trying to connect via USB, both USB cables connected (big for power and small for midi).  its not being recognized as an audio/other device but as a disk. stm drivers are installed as admin, ive tried both with disk option type stm when upgrading and without. Other midi devices over usb do appear, asio4all installed.  Known problem? It simply wont show on windows so obviously a windows problem, but maybe one someone has solved I hope.  Thanks for any tips. 
  12. Heidenreich Box to sale

    Ok, ill pass. Im not EU and assume hes not VAT, so its another 25 percent and much handling on both box and panel for me. Was hoping a lowered price would offset that but at cost I have to make same decision as when I saw it offered first.  Especially as what Id really like most is a box like the ambika has, simple folded, wood sides, white with print :) 
  13. Heidenreich Box to sale

    Yes I understood that, but as Id be needing panel and backpanel I was wondering if you had made inquiries about the total price?  And your price is basically same as you were paying so Id just be taking your spot? 
  14. Heidenreich Box to sale

    I might be interested, got the acrylic, but would like an upgrade ...  whats you price, and is there a quote for the panel and backpanel? 
  15. Nonfunctional sdcard

    Check if he did the same stupid thing as me ... changed the regulators around.  If it is I just saved you the week+ it took me to find that out ;)  Symptoms were pretty much the same.