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  1. Hello everyone I found a Dev board that propably can be used for the Midibox project and i don't think that it will be hard to make a new deployment for that core. It has the new STM32F7 core and there are no perhipal devices like gyrometer etc on the pcb. So we have free Pins for devices. It is really cheap and the perfomance is amazing. Here is an image,the specs and a link to see the module: * ( I don't advertise anything!! It is just to see where can we buy!! ) STM32F746IGT6: the high performance STM32 MCU which features: Core: Cortex-M7 32-bit RISC + FP
  2. I am thinking a separated card with pins or goldfingers maybe.. I will not do it on board because i have some standards about the BA662... Making many separated cards is easy and some of them will have the exact values i want Best Regards Tilemachos PS : I was away for a long time do to i was jobless.. Sad times here in Greece. Now i am working again and i can make the project!
  3. The DMUX is a Device to trigger Drum Machines like 606/808/909 and even modular systems. It is a Device with : MIDI: In/Out16 Trigger Out ( +5v Pulses 1ms )16 Accent Out ( Variable Voltage Out Pulses. Assignable to CC,Velocity or whatever we want. )It uses a PIC18F2420 as a CPU For Trigger out it uses what the DOUT system of Midibox has. For Accent Out there is 16 CV. The SEQ supports more DOUT that the module i talk about but does not support 16 AOUT. Dmux support this with a 4051 chip. Can something similar can be done for Midibox?
  4. Hello I was checking on web another Sequencer and i just found something usefull. Can be used in various project. It would be great if something similar can be done for the Midibox Sequencer. Here is the link : D-MUX Tell me what you think and if someone in here is able to build
  5. That's sound good Latigid. Thank you!! What about Midibox_NG? In webpage says that can handle 4 AOUTNG and DOUT also.. Is this usable for me?? Hello my Friend monokinetic. The 808 clone that i talk about is made by me. It has 16 instruments instead of 11 that original 808 has. There will be a lot of modification based on microlarge and my designs. Let's talk now about how an 808 instrument gives us sound. There are 2 pins on each sound circuit : Trigger : This takes a +5V 1ms pulse and it is let's say a hit on drums. In midi this is said Note On/OffAccent : This takes a pulse or a continuous
  6. Hello What i need is let's say simple. I am building a new TR-808 clone. I need midi control for my clone. Can midibox help me to build? I need a module with : Midi In/OUT16 CV Outputs (+5...+15V) for Velocity.16 Gate Outputs (+5V) for Trigger.I need 16 pairs of CV/GATE for the 16 instruments of my drum machine. I did a lot of work on my Drum machine and i cant find a way to make it work as i need!! Plz Help me i am really desperate.
  7. Today i finished my new 808 Clone!! :D Based on Microlarge and a few more modifications by me. Handclap will have a BA662 chip like the original and is made by me too. Here is an image of my pcb. The size is 20x15cm for Through Hole Version and there will be an SMT version with much more smaller pcb!!
  8. I just made a new version for the AOUT_NG Module with SMT compoments. I made it with Altium Designer. Can Accept Voltages up to 18V. Smaller PCB with height: 6.9 cm length 5.8 cm. All compoments are SMD type exept the Headers. All resistors are 1% tolerance. Murata Trimmer Resistors. All Capacitors are Panasonic. Teardroped Pads and Power planes are carefully designed. Here are the Schematic and PCB Design for Altium ( Custom Library of the compoments is included ) AOUT_NG_SMT.rar Also 2 pictures with the pcb in 3D mode. _____________________________________________________
  9. Hello. Mios32 can handle 32 analog outputs but for now the firmware can handle only 8. What is need to be changed to drive 32 channels?? I can build a pcb with AD5372 http://www.analog.com/en/products/digital-to-analog-converters/da-converters/ad5372.html Anybody here has the knowlegde to make it work? I can contribute by constructing a new AOUT module with this chip and give it to the programmer to work on it. Kind Regards, Tilemachos
  10. Because it uses global accent from original TR-808 Schematics. What i need is total control. I need 16 CV that listens to velocity to control the velocity of each note received. Aout_NG Module is ready to do this but i need 8 extra Channels of CV. The maximum channel that Midiboxes can handle are 32 but they are limited to 8.. I think that is time for support all of the channels.. I can desing a pcb to do this but i can't write the drivers for midibox. It would be awesome if we had a Midibox CV with 32 analog outputs. Here is another one diagram of what i need Best Rega
  11. Nice Share! And for Accent Control you can use the Accent Circuit from the TR-808. And i Think no mods will need to take place. Best Regards, Tilemachos
  12. *UPDATE* If Someone can work on this i can pay him. No money but he will receive my TR-808 clone as a present. There will be some extra voices on my module,like Guiro from CR-78 and some 909 voices. Kind Regards, Tilemachos
  13. Here is a diagram for my midification project of TR-808. I wanna know if it is possible to make and if some people want to help. Basicly it is a Midi to 16-channel CV and 16 Gate interface that can be used to many modular synths and many other synthesizers. Best Regards, Tilemachos
  14. Hello! Any chance for 16 channel CV? Best Regards, Tilemachos
  15. *BUMP* PLZ Guys!! Can someone answer me that simple question?? I am asking again. I Need a module that will only receive Midi. 1x DOUTx4 will give 16 Gate triggers 2x AOUT_NG will be daisy-chainned to give 16 CV channels for output a CV trigger that will control the velocity Serial Midi in/Thru and usb MIDI is what i need An STM32F4 Core will be used. Is MIDIbox_NG suitable for this minimal module? In Simple words.. I need a MIDI to 16 CV & 16 GATE Interface
  16. I want to built a Midi to CV/Gate. A DAW will feed the module with midi and Instruments will be triggered. I need Midi in/through and USB midi, 16x CV and 16 Gates. My Idea about what to be used is : STM32F4 Core 2x AOUT_NG for 16 CV 1x DOUTx4 for 16 Gate triggers Midi In and Thru and Midi USB Is MIDIbox NG suitable for me???
  17. *BUMP* Can i daisy-chain 2 Aout_NG in midibox seqv4 and if yes how to code this??? Best Regards
  18. This is a module for SeqV4 and i need 16 cv channels. Here in my schematic is a Daisy-chained AOUT_NG which gives me 16 CV outs : http://www.docdroid.net/srwp/core.pdf.html With the simple conficuration : AOUT type=AOUT_NG cs=1 num_channels=16 Will my daisy-chain work?
  19. Navicat


    ΚαλησπέÏα! Αν υπάÏχουν ενεÏγοί Έλληνες στο φόÏουμ ας γÏάψουν εδώ και να βοηθήσουμε ο ένας τον άλλο!
  20. I am so confused with this tutorial : http://www.midibox.org/dokuwiki/doku.php?id=windows_mios32_toolchain_core Other Open Source projects that involve programming have a more detailed setup and how to start programming guide!! Maybe someone make a tutorial with a video or screens so it is less complicated?? Best regards, Tilemachos
  21. Well Pots on Vintage drum synths can be changed with Digital pots.. There are in the market with 1024 resolution and is enough. ( i don't think you can take 1024 different steps on an analog pot by hand. ) Sound will be still analog and you will be able to change pot values from a Daw even made in Maxmsp. But this is not what i ask in this topic. I need ideas on what more buttons should i add like Play,Pause,Stop etc. and if someone can help me in programming this stuff. As i said is very similar to MB909. Best Regards, Tilemachos
  22. Tales of experience. Tales of joy. Tales of love. A Tale of Us

  23. The most simple solutions is to take a Beaglebone Black Board.. Load up Ubuntu or Android and send midi messages from Daw to this thing.. And this thing is in my plans but for now i wanna make a complete Midibox Sequencer. Nice ideas for Velocity! I think TK can give the answers for this :) Best Regards, Tilemachos
  24. Hello. I am building a schematic for a drum sequencer that can be used to drum machines similar to 909 and 808. I will share my schematic. It is not in final form. There are : 1) Midi IN/OUT 2) 2x Analog Out based on AOUT_NG for 16 CV channels for Velocity control of each instrument for each Note. 3) Doutx8 with 16 Gates for trigger instruments and more 48 free pins for leds etc. 4) Dinx8 for button and rotary encoders. In schematics you can see 16 rotary encoders right now. There are with switch option. Switch is used for the step sequencer and the encoder for the velocity contr
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