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  1. Newbie - what do I need to know?

    Raph @ Michigan Synth Works helped me build mine. highly recommended
  2. MIDIbox SEQ new frontpanel idea

    that would make it like scenes in ableton. great idea!
  3. name not valid

    by the way, making it uppercase works. 
  4. name not valid

    my SD card is FAT16, so reformatting to FAT32 is ok?
  5. midi sync thru question

    I think the SEQ is behaving well. it is the drum machines that don't.  when I start the DAW, it is still on a beat 1 of a bar. and SEQ starts on 1 too. but the drums don't (unless it is 1.1.0 of the song or it works ok with ableton clips on session view) but if I bypass the SEQ, the drums will behave correctly. so it is in the SEQ thru messages somehow
  6. midi sync thru question

    thanks guys it is indeed that my drum machines start from where they stopped. any way to work around that?
  7. midi sync thru question

  8. midi sync thru question

    Hi there,  In my setup i have Ableton syncing SEqV4 via USB. then SeqV4 syncs machinedrum and tanzbar from one of the midi outputs. (which allows me to work standalone with the seqV4 master without computer, then when i record, Ableton becomes the master) when I start Ableton on bar 1, everything is in sync and starts together on beat 1- great.  when I start ableton later in the song, say bar 17, seq V4 still starts on beat 1 but MD and TB start when they left off, together on the same beat, but not on beat 1- not good If i start SeqV4 itself, everything in time again.  any settings in SeqV4 could be causing that?  thanks guys dave
  9. receiving Prog Change

    Can the SeqV4 receive prog change to change its sessions via DAW?   
  10. Patterns Workflow

    great, i have not used pattern mode yet, and it is exactly what i need so will look at that asap. thank you.  ps: this thread is also to see what general workflow people have performing or creating with the seqV4 so keep it coming! 
  11. Patterns Workflow

    yeah. never did any song modes on any sequencer. things need to happen when i decide on the spot, not the other way around... snapshots would be awesome then... 
  12. Snapshotlike Functionality

    I like that idea! saving individual track lenghts, mute states, arp on or rec on or just anything that u come up with within the seq just for one part of the song....
  13. Patterns Workflow

    so you can save mutes in patterns as well? 
  14. Patterns Workflow

    How do you guys organise your sets? Not much emphasis on the workflow in the manual.  So far i mainly used single sequences, now i would like to have different parts of the same song sequenced, like intro/verse/chorus for example with the same instrument track, and also for several tracks together jumping parts.  I guess I never quite grasped the architecture of the machine: sessions (i take that for different songs), and within sessions, tracks put in groups of 4. Are patterns between sessions and tracks and what i'm looking for?  thanks
  15. name not valid

    thanks Peter, that looks like dark ages....  I will have a look why i couldn't save as 'PlasticM'