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  1. Hello Thorsten, Thanks for the tutorial and ASM code ..    regards
  2. Hello Thorsten, Thanks for your link. You notice that for 64 encoders the scan timing is about 32us @72MHz, but at which frequency do you call the scanning routine in the main loop (I suppose...) ? for the moment the code is too complex for me (I try to switch from ASM PIC to ARM C), but it gives me a good challenge to try to understand it !   thanks again   regards
  3. Need information about case/engraving

    Hello Thorsten, Thanks for your advices and links... regards
  4. Hello all,   I'm interesting in quadrature encoder decoding in (for example) SEQ4 project. Do you know how does the code function ? does it function with interrupt or polling ?   thanks for your help  
  5. Hello all, I'm looking for a case (desktop case) for the SEQ V4 project, do you know where I can find this type of case ? I would also want to add led matrix from the BLM project, so the case need to be bigger than the presented one from TK.   I also would want ot know how I can do for front panel, I was very surprised of the gjvti front panel () and would want to have same result. I live in France and I don't know how I can do to do the "same"...   I hope that you could help me regards