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  1. A lot of soldering to do, eh mate?? Well, I consider soldering quite a zen excercice... Well done! And very well documented!   Today I'll start some sketches
  2. There's some place where I can get the frontpanel in illustrator, dxf, o pdf format?? It's just for start bringing some ideas....the leds are rectangular, right? Do u have the sizes??   Cheers!
  3. Let's go!!!   Thanks Peter for doing this! I'll start to do some 3d doodles and concepts of the case, and I'll be uploading here, If you don't mind. So we can keep the build documented and keep going.   Cheers!!!!!
  4. op-1 trade for a midibox seq4

    Or if someone is willing to build it for me is ok as well, just put the price.   Thanks a lot!
  5. FS: Seq V4L, GM5 chips w/pcbs, encoder pcbs

    Hey!! are u still selling the seq v4? I'm really interested!
  6. op-1 trade for a midibox seq4

    It doesn't need to have an enclosure.....I'm industrial designer and I'll love to design my own enclosure!!!!   : )
  7. op-1 trade for a midibox seq4

    Hi!!   First, congratulations for this amazing gadgets....I'm really impressed of the quality and versality of this sequencer....a good and serious contender to the cirklon!!!   If someone wants to trade a built midibox seq 4 (with 6 midi outs, if possible), for an teenage engineering allmost new OP-1 hardware synth (very digital and weird, with a lovely interface), i'll be really pleased.   I'm now based in Barcelona, Spain.....but moving to Berlin in few days.     Cheers, and thanks a lot in advance.          Joan