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  1. this topic can be deleted. either i´m too dumb to find an option to delete it myself, or there is none....
  2. hey guys,   i postpone my "building-my-own-seq4"-project. i only bought the lpc17-kit from smash tv, and as i need some bucks, it´s better, if i try to sell it, and reorder it, once "the times they are a-changin".   as for the kit: i only opened the parcel, as did customs before, and inside there´s the still sealed, unopened lpc17-kit, including almost everything, you need to assemble the "core" of a seq4, including the lpc17-pcb.   as i payed customs, it seems reasonable, that people in/next to germany buy it, if interested. the kit can also be picked up, if you live in hamburg.   price: 55 euro on pickup   60 euro if shipped within germany   for other countries please ask for shipping costs.   you can pay with cash (pickup), bank transfer (i won´t fool you, 60 bucks is not enough to make a living in the caribeans) or paypal (for the paranoid, but you have to pay the paypal-fees then. the price of paranoia is, that the wrong guys benefit, e.g. paypal).   if interested, pm me.   cheers :)
  3. awesome, thx a lot, peter! i just ordered my "brain"-kit from smash-tv yesterday (?), so slowly, step by step and budget by budget it´s starting to get serious on my side. thx a lot for your tutorial, it finally made my decision to try to master this project. and of course i´ll ask you, when in trouble ;)   cheers   ferenc
  4. awesome work. exactly what i was looking for, as i am not experienced in soldering and stuff like that. but i stumbled across the seqv4, and it seems to be, what i am looking for. been looking into ucapps dozens of time to get a clue on what parts are required and used for what purpose, was very confused, but this tutorial is perfect for noobs like me. thank you so very much :)