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  1. MIDIbox 89MotioN. Fader automation

    So, the first motor fader for testing is on its way! I decided to start with a stereo fader. For those interested in stereo faders, the fader is a P&G D460626 (10k fader). The motor is 12v.
  2. MIDIbox 89MotioN. Fader automation

    For those building a system with more than 8 faders: you need 1 STM32F4 core for each set of 8.
  3. MIDIbox 89MotioN. Fader automation

    I remember there still being the math log option on the MF914, but now it looks like it is only available as a linear fader. They now have the MF9101 series which has audio log. Is the TKD audio taper actually math log? How were they classifying audio taper? 
  4. Fader Automation

    Hey Zam, I just wanted to express some encouragement. I'm about to start working on this with you, ordering parts right now. Unfortunately shipping and clearing customs takes forever so I may not be able to contribute much for about 2 months.