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  1. [FS] All of my midibox

    Hello :) Still got some parts :D Here's the list with prices: - MATRIX Module: 10 € - AINSER64 Module with 7 dummy plugs: 20 € - Homemade AINSER 8 Module: 5 € - Motorfader NG Module: 35 € - 24x ALPS Motorized fader: 15 €/piece (DATASHEET) - MOD/PITCH wheel: 25 € - Joystick: 25 € - FATAR TP20 keyboard with self made adapter to connect with MATRIX Module: 200 € The shipping cost depends on the destination. If you are interested in something, let me know. If any price is too high, fell free to suggest a different price.  
  2. [FS] All of my midibox

    Hello everyone :) I'm located in Poland :) CORE STM32F4 with STM32F4DISCOVERY and MIDI IO sold.  
  3. [FS] All of my midibox

    Hello :) Since I don't have time for DIY projects anymore I sell all of my midibox stuff. Everything tested and working perfect. I have: - CORE STM32F4 with STM32F4DISCOVERY SOLD - MATRIX Module - AINSER64 Module with 7 dummy plugs - Homemade AINSER 8 Module - MIDI IO SOLD - Motorfader NG Module - 24x ALPS Motorized fader - FATAR TP20 keyboard with self made adapter to connect with MATRIX Module (I can post some photos in the weekend) If someone is interested in something, let me know :)
  4. FS Fatar TP 20 keyboard

    Hello :) Since I moved to acoustic instruments and don't use my keybed anymore I want to sell it. It's fully functional 88 keys Graded Hammer Fatar TP20 keyboard with 2 aftertouch strips. DIO_Matrix module and self made adapter is in the set. New Fatar TP40 cost 600 Euro in Doepfer shop, so I will be looking for something around 350 Euro, but I will consider all propositions. I will send keyboard in wooden chest to be sure that key will be safe during shipping process. I'm located in Europe. If someone is interested PM me. I Can send some pictures, video. Kindest regards,.
  5. MB-LRE8x2CS rev 4.6 BULK ORDER spring 2014

    Hello. Is there any chance to get this PCBs? Or maybe get eagle files? Best wishes, Micha?.
  6. It would be very nice if you could pm me with the list of offered pcbs, parts and prices. Best wishes, Micha?.
  7. FantomXR, ty for the advices. I get one more STM32F4 core to get it working :). novski, Some of your PCB's are nice, but i cant get into the shop (site is broken), where i can get this PCB's, and how much they cost?
  8. Hello. I'm already working on midibox ng. Using core stm32f4 module. I have connected 88 fatar tp/20 keyboard,, pitch/mod wheels, sustain and expression pedal (as aftertouch). Now I'v got 25 motor faders ALPS K type and want to make 24 channel console (+1 fader for master volume). Every chanell will got 3 buttons (rec,mute,solo) and 64 endless rotray encoder + aditional buttons. It will be around 90 buttons with LED, 64 endless rotary encoders, 25 motorized faders. Is it possible to get the keyboard + console on one core module? Or i need to get one module for keyboard and one module for console? Next question is what do i need? I know that for motorized faders it will be 4x MF_NG and 2x MIDI IO, for rotary encoders will use AINSER64 and for buttons and led go with DIN/DOUT or DIO_MATRIX? Any advice will be helpful. Best wishes, Micha?.
  9. Help with configuration.

    HAHAH! I did it! Thank you Mathis, you get me in right way. Indeed it was the ain_mode=switch parameter but i need to attach sustain pedal and aftertouch to J5A (A0,A1) on core module. So I used something like this: AIN enable_mask=110000 to enable pin A0 and A1 on J5A   and then:   EVENT_AIN id=1 type=Aftertouch chn= 1 range=0:127 ain_mode=switch lcd_pos=1:1:2  label="Aftertouch:      %3d%B"   and for the sustain pedal:   EVENT_AIN id=1 type=CC chn= 2 cc= 64 ain_mode=switch range=0:127 lcd_pos=1:1:2   label="SustainPedal:      %3d%B"   and pitch/mod wheels attached to the ainser module with:   AINSER n=1   enabled=1  cs=0  num_pins=64  resolution=7bit   AINSER pinrange=1:18:4065 AINSER pinrange=2:128:4065:spread_center   EVENT_AINSER id=1  type=CC         chn= 1 cc= 1 range=0:127   lcd_pos=1:1:2  label="ModWheel:      %3d%B" EVENT_AINSER id=2  type=PitchBend  chn= 2       range=0:16383 lcd_pos=1:1:2  label="PitchBender: %5d%B"   and everything works just perfect!!!   For keyboard is somethink like this:   KEYBOARD n=1   rows=12  dout_sr1=1  dout_sr2=2  din_sr1=1  din_sr2=2 \                din_inverted=0  break_inverted=0  din_key_offset=40 \                scan_velocity=1  scan_optimized=1  note_offset=21 \                delay_fastest=5  delay_fastest_black_keys=0  delay_slowest=100   EVENT_KB id=1  type=NoteOn chn=1 key=any use_key_number=1 range=0:127  lcd_pos=1:1:1 label="Note %n"     And i need to tell you that is working better than the original :D Velocity is very nice, i love it! Thank you one more time. Best wishes, MichaÅ‚.  
  10. Help with configuration.

    Nope ;/ I try it and dont working. Same sustain pedal dont want to work, i try the Switch and Toggle atribute, and nothing happende, and btw midibox ng dont have a sustain type of action ;(. Maybe some forum veteran would help me but they dont look in this post so i guees i need to be satisfied without aftertouch and sustain pedal, and its really bad :(. Thank your for your help Mathis :) Best wishes, Michał.
  11. Help with configuration.

    Hello Mathis, Thank you for your time. I'm not very good on this programming stuff. Maybe you could help me and tell me howto invert or map the signal? It will be very great to get this aftertouch working. On the next week they will give me wood from cutting so i will be ready to build my digital piano :) Best wishes, Michał.
  12. Help with configuration.

    It's not so easy. The strips are 2 pins only and the tricky part is that when he is not pressed he dont close circuit. So when i attached it to ground and A3, A4 it will be not grounded and will send signal. When i press the strip the circuit will close and now he is grounded and dont send signal. So he send signal when he is not pressed and dont send when pressed. Same history is when i connect it to the Vd and A3... Its a hard one, thats for sure.
  13. Help with configuration.

    Ok. I'v got fully functional keyboard with velocity. Pitch/Mod wheels also working. But i cant get aftertouch working :( I try to attach them to Vd and A3 A4 in the ainser64 module. In result i got jumping values and when i push aftertouch strip values stop jumping.  If someone be so kind to help me with this, ii will be amazing. Best wishes, MichaÅ‚.
  14. Help with configuration.

    Hello. Thank you for your time. Heres my NG configuration:   RESET_HW   SRIO num_sr=2   KEYBOARD n=1   rows=12  dout_sr1=1  dout_sr2=2  din_sr1=1  din_sr2=2 \                din_inverted=0  break_inverted=0  din_key_offset=40 \                scan_velocity=1  scan_optimized=0  note_offset=21 \                delay_fastest=5  delay_fastest_black_keys=0  delay_slowest=100   EVENT_KB id=1  type=NoteOn chn=1 key=any use_key_number=1 range=0:127   AINSER n=1   enabled=1  cs=0  num_pins=64  resolution=7bit   AINSER pinrange=1:18:4065 AINSER pinrange=2:18:4065:spread_center     EVENT_AINSER id=1  type=CC         chn= 1 cc= 1  range=0:127 EVENT_AINSER id=2  type=PitchBend  chn= 1        range=0:16383     Keyboard working, pitch and mod wheel working. Don't know howto add two aftertouch strips and sustain pedal. Maybe you could help? Best wishes, MichaÅ‚.
  15. Help with configuration.

    Hello. I have a problems with configuration my midibox. I have STM32F4 CORE MODULE + DIO_MATRIX + AINSER64. I'v done adapter for fatar 88 keybed and it works. The point is when i use Midibox KB i can get my keybed working perfectly, but dont know howto run Pitch and Mod wheels and two aftertouch strips attached to AINSER64. When i try to use Midibox NG i can't manage to run nothing. I know that for you guys it's propably super simple, but im not good in this things :( I really tried many times, read the whole manual, and still cant get it working :( If someone be so kind and would help me, and tell me if I should use Midibox Kb or NG and help with configuration files, it would be so great. Checked the ainser on mios128 and it works. Two Aftertouch strips giving me signals on CC# 18 (white keys strip) and CC#19 (black keys strip), PitchWheel CC#17 and ModWheel CC#16. And i have FATAR 88 keys TP/20 keybed.   I just cant do this without your help, so realy please. Best wishes, MichaÅ‚