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  1. thanks! Ok, so just daisy chaining another one? And giving it a unique ID. Anything else I need to do?
  2. Is it possible to use Song mode when the MB808 is stock?? Mine says "NO BANKSTICK..." when pressing Song GP. I have a IC 512 installed and can Load/save Patterns. I´m a missing something or do I need to install more Eeproms?
  3. That would be great! If you want I can send my two other F453 and F4620 which I don´t need. PM what you need from me. Thanks!
  4. I managed to erase mu original PIC for my MB808 18f4620 when updating midi borrowed a Pic programmer but that only handled 18F452 so bought one and tried to program it, but I suck at these thinks can´t get it to work Could anybody please help me program my Pic? I gladly pay somebody to help me out. I´m in sweden but no problem sending in EU. Best/
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