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  1. Help with MB808 assembly

    I found the manual on the internet a while back. However, it's missing information about the component values for sections like main-out. If you have the brd/sch files for this, I should be able to search for the component values there.  I will send you my email address. Thanks.
  2. Help with MB808 assembly

    I purchased an old MB808 v2 kit.  I am desperate need of some help because there is such limited documentation out there for this project. I need to know the value of a few components. Can anyone please take a picture of their board if they have one?  Thanks!
  3. Midibox Drum Sequencer

    Is there a PCB for this drum sequencer somewhere, or how did you do it? Just the 9090 seq?
  4. MB808 PCB files?

    Navicat, I am wondering about your 808 clone. I would love to see any photos you have. Do you plan on sharing the board files at some point?
  5. MB808 PCB files?

    I have recently come across the eagle files for the board. You can find more information at: Please  let me know if you know anything about these files.
  6. WTB: MB808 PCB

    I would like to purchase a MB808 pcb. Let me know if you happen to have one that was never finished or never even started.
  7. MB808 PCB files?

    Thanks for the replies. I have the microlarge boards completed with the all of the components in. I am just doing bunch of trouble shooting now.   I am interested in the eagle files for the tr-8060 if you have them on hand. From everything that I seen of the tr-8060 it looks pretty similar to the microlarge boards.
  8. MB808 PCB files?

    Hello all, I am currently in the middle of trying to make an MB808 with in the three microlarge  PCBs. I have been reading about the MB808 kits from a user named Doug and how the project fell through. I am wondering if anyone  has the Eagle files  for  the all-in-one PCB. It sounds like the files were never released. However, I thought I would ask anyways. Thanks!