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  1. I definitely want one of these & am happy to build it myself. my cirklon is #003, give you some idea of how into hw sequencing I am. I have three mk1 notrons, nemo, two P3s, v4 & so on. but nothing like this. I've done poly midi looping on the P3 many times, so when the cirklon arrived, I asked colin to make a little tweak to the way the new polyphonic section does live-record/looping; each subsequent pass, the velocity of the recorded notes is reduced by a defined value... initially, this was to emulate the old 'frippertronics' style tape-delay behaviour, but I quickly start
  2. garbage in the matrix & the numeric displays, & the LEDs on the seq itself are flickering, buttons non-functional. sequencer happily playing though. when I unplug the TPD, the sequencer is back to normal. sometimes when I plug in the TPD, there's nothing at all, other times the displays will light up but not moving or with anything useful in them. I'm guessing one of the 595s has gone bad, but it's going to be tricky to isolate the culprit as they are connected in parallel & some of them are hiding. :-/ I *think* the problem is with one of the 74HC595s that I can actual
  3. not extensions- I'd just like to have the existing stuff in a different order. but you're right, I have to get used to the machine first. many things to learn. :-) d.
  4. ah, I see.... a relative-vs-absolute thing? bad news is it's still not working. I'm uploading the hex file for the stm32f4 using the mios studio 2.4.6. on a mac running 10.10.3, & the unit responds as I'd expect ("one error, which can be ignored") I'm leaving the f/w config file as it is though, because this unit is set up to drive a TPD. which now writes my name when the machine boots. it's no biggy this- eventually I'd be using a loopback from another pattern to do the transposing & scale changes. if I had a wishlist, a more flexible configuration of the mixer pages would
  5. ok, I got the new f/w loaded after a bit of futzing.... still learning the machine.... got MIOS studio working on this mac, all good. here's a zip that contains the session with my two patterns... see if you can figure out what I'm doing wrong! but the roll gate works perfectly, exactly what I wanted. at the moment I'm just using it to turn ratcheting on/off in a berlin school sort of way, but eventually it will be used for drums too. d. DUNCAN.zip
  6. thanks again for the quick response, & I'll get that 089 loaded in a minute. from power on, in group one of sessions/tutor2, I've got stuff in the first three tracks. I do exactly what you say- I have tracks one & two playing, track three is muted for now. I go into the transpose menu & hold down the track one button while pressing track two. the display now reads G1TM. if I alter the octave setting, only track one gets transposed. the only way to transpose track two is to select it on its own (so the display then reads G1T2). I cleared both patterns & built new on
  7. I'm wondering if the transpose thing is because one of the two tracks was created in jam mode.... it's still exhibiting this behaviour despite changing the jam track to T&A though... the session I've been playing with is the first one that loads from the attached zip; I don't know what the other stuff is in there- previous owner. the roll thing.... what I mean is, use the parameter layer roll settings to set the number of repeats & their spacing, & the trigger layer to switch them on & off. this way, you can preset the roll vallues you want against each/all of the
  8. hi again- I'm trying to transpose tracks 1 & 2 together. as I said, the display tells me I have multiple tracks selected for editing, but only the one I was in when I selected the other one gets transposed. so if I have been editing in track 1, then change to track 2, then hold down track 2's button & select track 1, the display changes but only track 2 gets transposed. let me have another look at how I've been using the roll function. I think I've been invoking it through a trigger layer, since that seems intuitive, & I think it might be a bit broken. I use the switches to en
  9. oh, & another thing..... roll. the switchng on & off of roll events applied to steps. doesn't seem to work using the step switches, & it's also unreliable (not to mention inconvenient) to take it off with the encoders; sometimes this doesn't make any difference either. it'd be ideal, really, to be able to preselect a roll value that will work with the rhythm of the composition you are working on, select it for all the steps where you might need it & then simply switch it on/off with the trigger layer buttons. duncan.
  10. wishlist? here's a thing that colin put into the cirklon for me & mr nagle..... when you are in record (doesn't matter if it's monophonic or polyphonic) the pattern loops around & plays back what you just played, but each time with a configured reduction in velocity. the original idea was to emulate in midi the behaviour of the "frippertronics" tape-delay system & its many solid-state clones. of course, the first thing I did was use the function with a patch that had velocity crossfade between two timbres. could this be done on the midiseq somehow? duncan (r.m.i.)
  11. also- in the fx/scale menu, at the far left it should say global. if it doesn't, then you are in a mode where each of the track groups can have a different root & scale set.
  12. complete noob here, though I'm no stranger to h/w sequencers (P3, cirklon, zyklus, octopus, nemo, notron....) & I haven't been using the midiseq for very long BUT I think I've found something that doesn't work as I'd expect: I have two tracks playing in track group one, on adjacent midi channels. I go to the transpose page, select both tracks at once (& the transpose page is saying G1TM as I'd expect) but only track one is getting the transpose. machine is running 4.088. duncan (r.m.i.)
  13. there's an FX defeat function buried in the trigger menu, I imagine so that drum notes don't get pushed around by the FTS. have you got that enabled on the steps somehow? I'm a complete noob on the midiseq but I have a mahoosive collection of h/w sequencers... duncan (r.m.i.)
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