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  1. Hi, When I try to export these pages as PDF, it is missing al the screenimages, alyone else has this problem? Cheers, Kees
  2. After some trial and error I had good luck with the Roland UM-ONE mk2 (YMMV). Cheers
  3. It's already on midibox_tia [MIDIbox]? Cheers
  4. Calculate 3 digit capacitor: 330 (kiloohm.info) 22 and 470nF it is.
  5. And another TIA cartrige bites the tones :) Tnx @Antichambrefor this project and your patient support :)
  6. Hey @TK., Nice, clean look, thanks for upgrading the forum, but, this was the perfect moment to implement SSL? Cheers, Kees
  7. Thanks Thomas, but I already found that page. As @antichambre stated, I only want to use interrnal characters. There must be a simple way to achieve this I hoped (without having to us 2 character postions like ->). Cheers Kees
  8. Hi all, my first NG-project is alive ;) I build a switchable USB to 4 DIN midi port router. Al from parts I have laying around. After a evening digging this forum and trying, it just works. Now I can control my Volca's with a single USB midi keyboard (hurray). I don't get one thing: How do I get special characters on the display?? For example in the next line I like to have a arrow instead off the >-sign (or the solid >) EVENT_SENDER id=1 if_equal=Button:1:1 fwd_to_lcd=1 type=NoteOn chn=1 key=any lcd_pos=1:32:1 label="> %e" ports=00001000000000000000 [17:36]
  9. Hi all, I noticed that this forum has no encrypted connection https (anymore)… Has this always been so, or is this new. Since we all login over here, I think this is a bit of a security issue, since our passwords are transmitted in plain text. So especialy for those who use passwords on multiple sites (never a good idea) beware.. Cheers, Kees
  10. Tnx, tried it without the \ seqregex = re.compile("MIDIbox SEQ V4\+:MIDIbox SEQ V4\+ MIDI ([1-4]) [0-9]") works! Cheers, Kees
  11. So, finaly took the time and a PI3 I had laying around and installed the software.... The problem is that pyBLM can't find the Seq4: pi@pyblm:~ $ ./pyblm/pyBLM.py pyBLM launched. pyBLM init ERROR: Couldn't find the seq When checking for available midi-ports I get: pi@pyblm:~ $ amidi -l Dir Device Name IO hw:0,0,0 Launchpad Mini MIDI 1 IO hw:1,0,0 MIDIbox SEQ V4+ MIDI 1 IO hw:1,0,1 MIDIbox SEQ V4+ MIDI 2 IO hw:1,0,2 MIDIbox SEQ V4+ MIDI 3 IO hw:1,0,3 MIDIbox SEQ V4+ MIDI 4 IO hw:2,0,0 Launchpad Mini MIDI 1 Output of mido.get_input_names() gives: MIDIbox SEQ V4+:
  12. Keeze

    KC's pictures

    Just some various images of my Midibox/Music builds
  13. Yes, mine too, although I was a couple of years older.... Great, end of summer is ok!! ~Cheers, Kees
  14. Hi Antichambre, I am also interested in a PCB and TIA chip... Still got some? Cheers, Kees
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