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  1. Special characters in Label

    Thanks Thomas, but I already found that page. As @antichambre stated, I only want to use interrnal characters. There must be a simple way to achieve this I hoped (without having to us 2 character postions like ->). Cheers Kees
  2. Special characters in Label

    Hi all, my first NG-project is alive ;) I build a switchable USB to 4 DIN midi port router. Al from parts I have laying around. After a evening digging this forum and trying, it just works. Now I can control my Volca's with a single USB midi keyboard (hurray). I don't get one thing: How do I get special characters on the display?? For example in the next line I like to have a arrow instead off the >-sign (or the solid >) EVENT_SENDER  id=1   if_equal=Button:1:1  fwd_to_lcd=1  type=NoteOn chn=1   key=any  lcd_pos=1:32:1  label="> %e"  ports=00001000000000000000 [17:36] Is this possible with NG?   Cheers, Kees
  3. No more https?

    Hi all, I noticed that this forum has no encrypted connection https (anymore)… Has this always been so, or is this new. Since we all login over here, I think this is a bit of a security issue, since our passwords are transmitted in plain text. So especialy for those who use passwords on multiple sites (never a good idea) beware.. Cheers, Kees
  4. Tnx, tried it without the \ seqregex = re.compile("MIDIbox SEQ V4\+:MIDIbox SEQ V4\+ MIDI ([1-4]) [0-9]") works! Cheers, Kees
  5. So, finaly took the time and a PI3 I had laying around and installed the software.... The problem is that pyBLM can't find the Seq4: pi@pyblm:~ $ ./pyblm/ pyBLM launched. pyBLM init ERROR: Couldn't find the seq When checking for available midi-ports I get: pi@pyblm:~ $ amidi -l Dir Device Name IO hw:0,0,0 Launchpad Mini MIDI 1 IO hw:1,0,0 MIDIbox SEQ V4+ MIDI 1 IO hw:1,0,1 MIDIbox SEQ V4+ MIDI 2 IO hw:1,0,2 MIDIbox SEQ V4+ MIDI 3 IO hw:1,0,3 MIDIbox SEQ V4+ MIDI 4 IO hw:2,0,0 Launchpad Mini MIDI 1 Output of mido.get_input_names() gives: MIDIbox SEQ V4+:MIDIbox SEQ V4+ MIDI 1 20:0 MIDIbox SEQ V4+:MIDIbox SEQ V4+ MIDI 2 20:1 MIDIbox SEQ V4+:MIDIbox SEQ V4+ MIDI 3 20:2 MIDIbox SEQ V4+:MIDIbox SEQ V4+ MIDI 4 20:3 Looks like the naming of the Seq4 ports has changed (I use firmware version 4.096). I tried to alter the seqregex function, but no luck  .Since I don't understand a *** of regex and re.compile is used for finding the Seq4 I am a bit stuck. When I revert to an older version of the Seq4 firmware pyBLM starts to work. Can you give me a clue how to stay on the latest firmware and get the pyBLM to work as should? Thanks in advance Cheers, Kees
  6. Button Seq4 height

    From the album KC's pictures

  7. MIDIbox TIA - Atari 2600 Synth

    Great, end of summer is ok!! ~Cheers, Kees
  8. MIDIbox TIA - Atari 2600 Synth

    Hi Antichambre, I am also interested in a PCB and TIA chip... Still got some? Cheers, Kees  
  9. MIDIbox SEQ V4 Release + Feedback

    A W E S O M E ! ! I tried to get a hard fault, even turned the LPK in a 32th note arp... No !! HARD FAULTS !! any more. Thank you very much TK. Cheers, Kees  
  10. MIDIbox SEQ V4 Release + Feedback

    Hey TK., This works! So the order is correct. Now I have to find out why I get !! HARD FAULTS !! after some time (20 to 30 seconds of playing) Setup: Akai LPK25 -> via usb -> RPi B+ -> via osc -> SEQ4 -> routed to Midi out1 -> Shruthi The address location is different every time.. Cheers, Kees
  11. MIDIbox SEQ V4 Release + Feedback

    Hi Tk, Tnx again! When I send to SEQ4, the midi monitor on the SEQ4 recognizes sysex. I route the incoming OSC to USB1 and MIOS Studio gives me: While I send: matches found: midimessage ( 144, 60, 116 ) -> /midi1 ,m MIDI [0x00 0x90 0x3c 0x74] matches found: midimessage ( 128, 60, 127 ) -> /midi1 ,m MIDI [0x00 0x80 0x3c 0x7f] These are the last two messages. and should give: 90 3c 74 80 3c 7f Same messages sent to OSC tool (velocity changes due to real keyboard used ;)): Cheers, Kees
  12. MIDIbox SEQ V4 Release + Feedback

    You are exactly right! My apologies for the confusion. Cheers, Kees
  13. MIDIbox SEQ V4 Release + Feedback

    Hi TK. Thanks! But... With the original version of OSC2MIDI When I send from my SEQ4 to my osc2midi thingie and I route the incoming message to an usb->midi port to an syntbox it plays everything correct! When I send from my osc2midi device to my SEQ4 it recognizes it as a SYSEX message. When I switch to the alternative compiled version of OSC2MIDI Midibox recognizes the incoming message and play it (routed to a midiport) OSC2MIDI does not recognize the incoming message. Conclusion Outgoing messages from SEQ4 to osc2midithingie works, the other way around not yet. There must be a second place where incoming messages are translated? Perhaps Lines 446 - 462 in mios32_osc.c? Thanks, Kees  
  14. MIDIbox SEQ V4 Release + Feedback

    In a separate topic I asked a question about OSC in the Seq4 and ik looks like there something with the implementation of OSC in the software. Ik looks like that the parsing of the Midi data type is shifted. Instead of /midi1 ,m MIDI [0x00 0x90 0x3c 0x39] My SEQ4 sends: /midi1 ,m MIDI [0x90 0x3c 0x39 0x00] The first is compliant with the standard found here:  Problem is that when the SEQ4 receives a compliant message, it does not parse is right. Am I right and if so, can it be fixed? Cheers, Kees  
  15. SEQ4 and OSC (Midi usb router)

    After recompiling osc2midi with changed parsing of the m-datatype I have got it working. Ik looks like that the Midibox implementation is non-compliant. @TK. , any chance this can be fixed? Another problem is that I got a !! Hard Fault !! at PC=0x0805c7f6 several times when sending data. The Ethernet module is a ENC28J60 Ethernet LAN Network Module, which is connected since summer 2016, but used for the first time these days. I use the boards from Tim (SmashTV), a STM32F4 with firmware 4.092. What can that be? Cheers, Kees