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  1. Issue when using eeprom with c++

    Hi everyone, using eeprom module in C++ code doesn't work, as there isn't extern "C" in eeprom.h, as far as I know. I've fixed this locally for myself by enclosing #include <eeprom.h> with 'extern "C" {}', but I suppose more general fix would be adding this to eeprom.h file. I'm sorry in advance if this isn't the right place for posting issues. Cheers, Djordje
  2. USB Host support for MBHP_CORE_STM32F4

    Hi everyone, I'm sorry I didn't respond earlier, I had was caught up in some boring stuff so I couldn't try any of this until now. To answer little too late to latigid on, I'm using newer version of disco board: MB997D I've updated the firmware to 2.27.15, and now I don't need to break links on board, it is working when powering it without debug usb host. Now I've tried following: - power through CN1 (2.1A USB charger), 5V connected to PA9 (J7 closed), usb midi keyboard connected through usb otg cable - board boots up, it works but I get hanging or missed notes. - power through J2, J7 closed, usb midi kb through usb otg cable, same as above - missing and hanging notes - J7 closed, no external supply (CN1 or J2), CN5 connected to pc in device mode, same usb midi keyboard connected to pc, mios32 midi device connected to midi keyboard on pc - everything working fine, no missing or hanging notes here. Just a note: I am not using midibox motherboard (as it isn't shipped to my country, and I didn't get in touch with smashtv), I am just making needed connections with jumper wires directly on disco board. Does anyone use midibox's usb midi host on regular basis, without having these hanging/missing notes? Perhaps my otg cable adapter doesn't transfer enough current to keyboard? Thanks in advance, Djordje
  3. USB Host support for MBHP_CORE_STM32F4

    When using in host mode, board is powered through debug usb port connected to laptop usb3.0 ports. I don't have powered usb hub. I have a PSU which I could use here, that is first thing I'll try. If I could use debug usb port for only power, it would be great, but I tried connecting it to 2.1A phone charger, and it just kept blinking... When in device mode, power is coming from two ports into debug usb port and usb-otg port (not supplying usb midi controller from mcu board also helps, I suppose). As of my application, it is basically modified MIOS32 tutorial 24 I2S synth example, so midi data is processed exactly like in that example. Only change regarding midi from my side is me adding undef line for usb host mode. I'll return as soon as I get to trying it out with more powerful supply. Thanks, Djordje
  4. USB Host support for MBHP_CORE_STM32F4

    Hi everyone, not sure if this is the right place for this question, but it seems to me like it. Turning on usb midi host option was pretty easy, by just undefining MIOS32_DONT_USE_USB_HOST in application, and it just worked. Problem I have is that I am losing midi packets, leaving dead notes and sometimes missing them. This problem appears only when using usb host mode - when I connect stm32f4 discovery board as device to computer, all messages seem to go through, even after many minutes of midi message violence. Did someone notice this problem before, and if so how could it be solved? I've tried two different midi controllers: m-audio keystation mini 32 and alesis vortex wireless, and it's all same - all fine in device mode, losing packets in host mode. I didn't use midibox board, as I couldn't order it from my country, I am using naked stm32f4discovery with shorted pins for supply only. Thanks in advance, and forgive me if I missed something really obvious. Cheers, Djordje  
  5. shipping not quite worldwide

    Thanks, I will contact them. Cheers, Djordje
  6. Hi everyone, I want to order stm32f4 based core pcb (possibly few additional boards), but when I tried to place an order, I got following notification that it is not shipped to my country (serbia). Is there a way for me to order boards? I'm sorry if this is wrong place for this question. Thanks in advance