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  1. Sugestion for pots and switches

    Thank so much for your suggestions! I am in the last stages of my build... Know I face the choice of choosing potentiometer knobs and button caps but I don't know how to choose them... Especially I am afraid that the caps and knobs don't fit the components I bought. Any suggestions?
  2. PCB manufacturing

    Hello again! In my quest for building my custom MIDI controller I know started learning about PCB design. I have started using Altium designer. However, I don't know how should I effectively build the PCB. I've been searching and came across some DIY methods, like using veroboards or etching. However I would like to have it professionally constructed. From experience, what do you recommend? Do you know any PCB manufacturers for reasonable prices? 
  3. Sugestion for pots and switches

    Thanks! Do you have any suggestions for specific potentiometer brands with a good price-quality ratio?
  4. Hello, I am building my first DIY midi controller and, browsing through some component websites, I feel kind of lost on what kinds and brands of potentiometers and switches I should buy. Do you have any suggestions?  Also, what are the best online stores in Europe and what factors does price really affect? Thanks in advance
  5. Encoders vs Pots

    Thanks, very helpful!
  6. Encoders vs Pots

    Hello. I am new here and thinking of starting a little project of building my own custom MIDI controller. One of the first questionsI came across was if I should use encoders or potentiometers for knobs? In which cases should I use one or the other. What are the advantages of which one? Thank you in advance