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  1. Midibox sid midi controller

    Great suggestion, i will use it as a starting point. thanks
  2. Midibox sid midi controller

    I was not angry at all, just trying to induce somebody to answer  As for "optimal setup" i would mean some basic controls over  any given, pre programmed sound.. i can program the sound on the sammich itself, but i maybe then want to play around with some of its parameters, as you would in any synth with a few knobs and sliders.. maybe there is no specific answer, but an opinion or two could help the keyboard can assign cc's, i dont need a pc to do it. thanks!
  3. Midibox sid midi controller

    Ok people no longer have the power when people no longer help each other thanks anyway
  4. Midibox sid midi controller

    no help?
  5. Midibox sid midi controller

    Midiplus 49 Origin: dead cheap but very effective! theres also a video on youchoobe (not mine!)  
  6. Midibox sid midi controller

    Hi there! i have a keyboard with 8 sliders and 8 knobs, all midi cc assignable.  What do u believe would be the optimal parameters setup (16 of them only) to control my midibox sid? Im working with two sids in a stereo config.
  7. Me too a couple of them!