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  1. Hey latigid on, Thanks for all the help! Finally sorted it out. It was a bad solder on a pin connecting the disco board!  Cheers, steve  
  2. Still can't work this one out. Anyone have any ideas?
  3. hrmmm no continuity from PC6 to either R3 on second MIDIO or first MIDIO
  4. Hey guys, After a bit of troubleshooting I thought I would post here to see if anyone could help. I have two MBHP_MIDI_IO modules connected to my MBHP_CORE_STM32F4. All of the Input/Outputs of the first MBHP_MIDI_IO work but on the second MBHP_MIDI_IO (which is daisy chained to the first) all work apart from OUT3. After checking the IC's and all the soldering etc I swapped the MBHP_MIDI_IO boards around and still OUT3 was not working (this time it was on the other MBHP_MIDI_IO). So both boards are working but for some reason OUT3 is not getting any output. On the Midibox Seq MIDI monitor it looks like data is being sent out but nothing arrives at the output.  Anyone know what might be the issue here? Cheers, Steve
  5. Best 2x40 LCD for seq v4?

    Thanks jaytee I was looking at OLED but it's hard to tell what to look for when checking the details on LED especially 2x40
  6. Best 2x40 LCD for seq v4?

    Hey guys, Just bought some 2x40 screens for my seqv4 off eBay and they aren't really up to scratch. They blur a bit when changing screens and they viewing angle is really bad and unable to change contrast. What I got were ERM4002SYG-1 and I really want to get some nice screens to compliment such a great device. Any suggestions or help would be amazing! Thanks guys Steve  
  7. MB-6582 CS PCB

    Hey guys, I know this is a long shot but just wondering if anyone has a MB-6582 control surface PCB that they want to get rid of? I have the MB-6582 base which I've just completed and I've been working on a control surface but the CS PCB makes it all so much tidier! :) Cheers! Steve
  8. Hey Tim, I bought one of the MB-6582 base pcb's off you some time ago but I didn't get the MB-6582 CS PCB at the time. Will you be getting these boards back in? I really wish I grabbed it at the time! Thanks again! Steve
  9. Core wiring for SID

    Hey guys, Thanks alot for your help! I'm located in Australia. I actually found my PCB for Wilba's 6582 design so I have been busy working on that. I have it all up and running now but trying to work on the control surface, I really wish I had bought the MB-6582 CS PCB when it was available. Do you know if anyone would have any of these?  Thanks again! Steve
  10. Core wiring for SID

    Hey guys, Just putting together my MIDIBox SID after having it half completed in a box cos I had a bit of brain surgery which slowed me down for a few years. So I've got a core r3a that I got from SmashTV and 2 sid modules I'm not actually getting any test tone but I was wondering if the smashtv r3a module needed the wiring on the underside of the PCB? Cheers, Steve