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  1. midiphy SEQ v4+

    Build done ! My first diy project ever :D Learned a lot in the making it was great. Thanks to Hawkeye videos tutorial, it made the build process a good journey to the valley of endless sequences.
  2. SEQ CS board

    I guess i will wait patiently then
  3. SEQ CS board

    Hi there I discovered the midibox seq v4 recently and it deeply catched my interest in making one. I have been reading and searching a lot on the making of this device (wiki, forum posts,tutorials,etc...),i found the shop with all the part required but some of them are sold out (SEQ CS board). My question: Is the shop still active by that i mean can i hope for the parts to be avaible again soon ? And if not it there any other options. Thanks guys Chnuk