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  1. hi, i'm still interested  
  2. tee hee. well almost. let's just say i've found that fussing over tiny details is sometimes a nice way to avoid actually working on something..
  3. mine shipped 6 hours after order. today will be 2 weeks still waiting. maybe they show up today...   ..since i've got lots of opinions, i'll just mention that i like the more tilted case designs a lot.. i'm really not sure if they're more ergonomic or not.. they just look cooler
  4. i was thinking of something like 'countersunk barrel nuts', also known as "sex bolts" https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sex_bolt though i understand why having somewhat esoteric fasteners (or other essential materials) is kind of a no-no, they'd look pretty sexy with your configuration if you ask me : ) do your bolts extend through the entire width of your case? or just stickout on the ends? ..//.. my understanding of the SD card is that it is really needed for certain functions, like saving and archiving songs without a computer handy
  5. ah you mean this case? http://www.budind.com/view/Small+Metal+Electronics+Enclosures/Keyboard+Enclosures   also an interesting idea ... "cost effective" : )  
  6. oh, i guess i meant V4 not 4+ pcbs are on the way.. (..now to find some of those 2x40 LCD, which i suspect will end up being MIDAS..)
  7. hi Julian. i'm interested in a case : ) (for a 4+) imho they look really good, very approachable, a recessed hex screw ala sineSurfer looks best. is black (or dark grey) w/ white letter a possibility for you?   *excited*        
  8. MIDIbox SEQ new frontpanel idea

    clicky keys or quiet keys? or linear? (i'm not sure what linear means in mx switch speak) i also think this cherryMX approach to be much nicer than those rubbery button light things.      
  9. Cherry Jammer blog

    fun fact, C64 keyboard happens to be a matrix of variable resistors