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  1. WTB: SEQ v4

    Thanks, looking forward to the new thread. The case prototype looks good but it also makes me wonder about some things. Probably will be cleared up by the final pictures :)
  2. WTB: SEQ v4

    The V4+ sounds interesting but I'm not sure I would like a smaller format. I tend to prefer larger layouts out of fear of touching the wrong button at the worst possible moment  Is there a specific place where I can learn more about the V4+? Regarding "the beast" case: I've sent a message through the contact form on the site on friday but got no reply so far.
  3. WTB: SEQ v4

    Will do and keep you posted.
  4. WTB: SEQ v4

    If it's easier for you to get a case that works with the panels set from thebeast I'm all for it. I see the front one already has the text printed on it. I'm not interested in personalization like logos and stuff at the moment, I just want the machine 
  5. WTB: SEQ v4

    Sounds good, let's move forward. One more question: what do you mean by artwork? I assumed the text (shortcuts and so on) comes printed on the front panel.  Thanks!
  6. WTB: SEQ v4

    Edit: no specific timeframe but I'd rather not wait for months, I just want to round up my setup and start making music.
  7. WTB: SEQ v4

    It most certainly doesn't make sense if it requires desoldering stuff. I've never done any soldering or DIY and this kind of project doesn't look like the right place to start learning  What would be the easiest way to solve this enclosure problem? For example, could you order the acrylic case and build the entire thing?
  8. WTB: SEQ v4

    I had a look and sadly I am more confused than before. Is it posible to build everything and put in some kind of "temporary" enclosure around to keep the panels together? This way I could get the enclosure separately later on (when I get a better understanding, where to get one and for how much). If you have any ideas, I'm all ears. Anyway, pending clarification on the enclosure problem, I am definitely interested in having the SEQ built as per your calculations. Will you do it? 
  9. WTB: SEQ v4

    Oh, I see.. so those are just the front (upper side) panel and the back panel. Which is the easiest case/enclosure to get? I would happy with a simple black acrylic case.
  10. WTB: SEQ v4

    How about this? Looks like a case to me but unsure?
  11. WTB: SEQ v4

    Thanks for the list, this is very helpful. So final cost would be as follows? 485 euro + cost of whichever case I end up selecting + cost of shipping of the final product
  12. WTB: SEQ v4

    Thanks for the reply. Definitely desktop case. Doesn't have to be metal because I don't plan on traveling a lot with this setup (and I assume the case can be replaced afterwards if needed). As for which case exactly, not sure.. I did some research but as a newcomer it's difficult for me to understand what options are (still) available. Help? Basically I'm looking for the model shown here, without any of the extra features or panels that I've seen are possible to build I don't have a set budget, but I need to buy other pieces of gear as well (and selling others) so naturally I'd want to keep the cost down. That being said I'm aware that a lot of work and components go into the SEQ so I'm open to ideas and offers.
  13. WTB: SEQ v4

    Looking for a powerful sequencer for my live setup and the SEQ v4 seems exactly what I need. Sadly I have no experience with DIY projects, nor friends that could help me build it, so my only chance would be someone willing to sell me their unit. I'm located in the EU (Bucharest). Edit: I'm willing to perform any ritual possibly required to prove I am worthy to own this box