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  1. Using a 4x40 LCD

    I have found some older postings about this. But I wonder if it is possible to connect one or more 4 x 40 CLCD's to a STM32F407G? Albert
  2. Hi, I am new on this forum. I am looking for some kind of tool that I can use to connect old and new midi gear. Most important feature I need at this moment is the ability to convert midi information from a MPE keyboard to be able to control my old and not so old synthesizers. It seems that MIDIbox NG could be that tool. Can anyone confirm that MIDIbox NG is the right tool for these kind of tasks? After examining the site and this forum an additional question came up. Are the MIDIbox NG designs still current? And will I be able to order the PCB's and all the needed parts? Best regards, Albert   
  3. Justin, SLO's link is still active but the materials on the site seem outdated so I will give MA a go. I contacted them and the midi board will be available in some two weeks. The STM board is sold out and will be deliverable in a month. So I got to prepare myself and look into the soft side of things. Albert
  4. @goyousalukis The first thing I want to do is to connect my Seaboard Rise to my Waldorf Blofeld. Waldor Blofeld is not MPE ready and I need to reroute some MIDI controls for that. And I don't always want to use a computer. I am little bit old fashion in that. Another future project could be buidling a Behringer BCR 2000 with LCD displays. Something like the Mackie C4 but without the need for hostsoftware. I do not expect that programming will be an issue. Soldering might be a challence, it has been some time since I did that for the last time. But with all those YouTube experts I hope to get through. Based on your info I will dig further into the hardware. Mouser has a presence in the Netherland so the part list could come in handy Thanks for your support so far. Albert
  5. @slo Thanks for your support. Is there also a delivery point in the EU? I am resident in  the Netherlands. I have no experience with it, but customs could make things more complicated I guess.