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  1. How do the DIN and DOUT boards identify themself with the core board? What I mean, is will the order of the boards not change after each power cycle?
  2. Thank you Phatline for this answer.
  3. I have my MBHP CORE V3, together with 4 DIN and 4 DOUT boards. I am assuming all 8 of these boards will connect to the same port on the MBHP CORE V3 board. So am I correct in thinking I can use a single y-cable, and connect 4 DIN and 4 DOUT boaards in a cascading fashoin, and connecting the middle of the Y-cable to the CORE. I intend connecting 128 LED's and 128 momentary switches to the boards. What I do not understand is how will I know in which order to place the DIN boards, as well as the DOUT boards, because to me they all look identical. Am I missing something obvious? The boards wer
  4. Thank you Antichambre, this will help me a lot! :)
  5. A Friend built me a "Core" board, with 4 DIN and 4 DOUT smaller boards. I am looking for the schematic for this board, to see if I can possibly connect some POTS to the board as well. I am also looking for the circuit diagram of these boards to see how to connect everything. When I search for MBHP CORE V3, I don't see the diagram for this board, I see something else. Please help me locate the information and circuit diagram / schematic, so that I know what to connect where. Thank you in advance. Regards, Brian.
  6. BrianS


    I wonder if it is possible, using MIDIbox, to create the following: Read the chord played on a manual, and use this information, to manually play an arpegio on another manual, by just sliding your hand up and down the 'other' manual. This feature is built in on some Lowry organs, but I want to have this feature on my own organ. Can this be done only with hardware, or can it be done with some clever manipulation of the midi information?
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