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  1. Unquantized recording + extra humanization

    Hello, sorry this is a very old post.  I have a mostly-built Seq v4 and just going through the tutorials.  I noticed a graphic in one had a step start maybe an 1/8 note later, so I was looking for how to do that, but maybe it's just a mistake in the graphic. Apart from making a 256-step pattern, or humanizing, is there still no way to "scoot" the start of a step, at least to a later start time? Thank you, hope I'm not being annoying!  Just wanted to be sure so I stopped looking around for this.
  2. midiphy SEQ v4+

    Hello!  Been watching this and the original thread for a couple months - Very excited for this even though I've started a to gather PCBs and a front panel for a Wilba style build. For those that don't want customization (which I gather is part of the concept of v4+ ?), a Single kit order option along with a Single Mouser BOM (or for Europe equivalent) would be amazing.  I think this possibility was mentioned earlier but WOW that would make things so much more accessible for purchasing. But slow methodical planning of each area is also fun, in a different way :)