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  1. Need help for building a MIDI keyboard..

    Thanx to both of you.. Your answer will help me.. As both have their seducing features (a poor keyboard scanning rate, with a low velocity resolution, that's so sexy.. on the other hand, having no display is also so much appealing..), I'll still hesitate and probably chose none of them..   Thanx a lot.. and have a nice day.. Thierry
  2. Need help for building a MIDI keyboard..

    Is there anybody out there ? ~~~~~~~ Is there anybody out there?  
  3. Hello there.. I am more than a bit lost.. I spent hours on the uCApps pages, without being able to make a choice.. KB ? NG ? NG ? KB ? I have a 3 octave keybed which I wand to make a MIDI keyboard with.. I want it to be mounted with, at least, - MIDI DIN and USB connections - 1 bend wheel - 1 mod wheel - 1 BC controller input - 1 sustain pedal input * Having 16 pots, 16 push buttons would be nice.. - a LCD display (2X20 or 2X40).. Of course, I want to be able to select MIDI channel anytime, and also to define CCnumber for each pot or button, from the machine itself (not to be forced to use a computer or to edit the hardcoded parameters)..   So the question is : should I chose the Midibox KB, or Midibox NG ? In either case, what modules should I build, and how many of them ? I thank you in advance for your answer.. Thierry