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  1. port LPC1343 polysynth to MBHP_CORE_STM32F4?

    Resurrecting a rather old thread here in hopes of some experienced insight from fellow Goom users.   I have a MIOS ported version of the Goom synth running on a STM32F407G-DISC1 board and I love the synth but like others notice a gentle 'clicking' noise with each midi note on. This happens with both serial Midi DIN and Midi USB. I have read some suggesting that adjusting the output volume can practically eliminate the noise, which is true to a degree, but it still seems to be there.  I've found that rolling back all the filter values to zero helps, and also that some parameters have a maximum value before they contribute to the 'clicking', but this is also not a solution. Very frustrating.  One post suggested it might be DAC noise... and have also read somewhere that these onboard Discovery board DACs are known to be noisy, so I think that could be the root cause, however I am not knowledgeable enough to code a version for external DAC.   If anyone has a fix or suggestions for resolving this issue, I'd be very interested.