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  1. 8580 SIDs for Sale @ Meeblip

    having just finished my mb6582 in December, I can say without a shadow of a doubt "I wish you could get them for less than $20 now"   ;)
  2. 8580 SIDs for Sale @ Meeblip

    thought this might be of interest to someone...
  3. Starting MB6582 build

    I suspect perhaps @jaytee is your man here as he put together a whole thread on that power supply variant.... (i'm not sure without trying to trace the power...)
  4. Starting MB6582 build

    something on this on the "One Power Supply" thread:    
  5. Starting MB6582 build

    thanks! Yours is looking good! nice knobs :) I had similar issues with the buttons, they are a bit of a pain! I have to use tweezers to push them into place from the top everytime I put the faceplate on.... The LEDS were a lot less of an issue, as they sit into the holes, and are a bit further back than the buttons. Although as I had to desolder mine, they were a lot less easy the second time round, and a couple are slightly misplaced.... was so happy to have it working I couldn't face going back to fix them. Maybe one day! Good luck with the rest of it! (looks like it's on the home straight now anyway!) Had my first proper play with mine the other day, and I heartily recommend finishing it, it's such an awesome synth - so many modulation options and just the hugest sound, feels like just what I was looking for really. 
  6. Starting MB6582 build

    ah, great thanks! to begin with I thought I had issues with some of the SIDs, but then initialised patches always sounded ok, so I assumed i'd missed something. :)    
  7. Starting MB6582 build

    everything now seems to be working A-OK. A number of the "factory" patches I have seem to make no or very little sound as stock.... not sure if that's because they were made for v1/6581s or something? just changing the oscillator waveform usually springs them into life. The drum kits seem to be good examples of this - although initialising a drum patch seems to work just fine. Pretty sure this is all user error somehow, so am looking forward to learning what I'm doing.... anyway, just wanted to thank everyone for all the help offered, this was right on the edge of what I was confident doing and has turned out better than I could have hoped and taught me loads along the way, plus now I have a really amazing sounding synth!
  8. Starting MB6582 build

    Hi all, have now desoldered 100 colour cycling LEDs and replaced with single colour....... this appears to have solved the issue: no more distortion on the screen, all buttons and encoders now seem to be working fine. Not sure if it's possible or sensible to add this information to the WIKI... desoldering 100 LEDs was very boring, I'd hate for anyone else to try and be clever ;) For some reason core 4 is not being recognised at the moment, hopefully an error programming the PIC or a short/missed connection that is easily fixed. It seems I also blew some EPROMs with the reverse voltage from the screen.... otherwise all seems well now.  Thanks for the advice!
  9. Starting MB6582 build

     Thanks... I suspect you are right on the leds.... Still, it was worth a go. Wish I could work out why they don't work! Assume it must be something to do with the matrixing circuit. I guess if the transistors were damaged I would probably have missing leds when running the test.  Might just have to bite the bullet and start desoldering... Thanks again!  
  10. Starting MB6582 build

    well, it now has 2A on the 5v rail and the same issue persists.......hmm, I guess it's worth desoldering the transistors and replacing before I desolder and replace 100 LEDs! tried the "make all the LEDs light up test from the WIKI. everything lights up fine... no colour changing, but the fast change ones actually look a different colour depending on viewing angles, which is very odd. column 7 is a slightly different colour to the rest..... can't really work out what is happening here...... I see some desoldering in my future though... Having read some of the manual I am also not convinced the buttons are all doing what they should in MidiboxSid....
  11. Starting MB6582 build

    it seems to boot up every time fine since I rewired all the CS connections (and got the right resistor values) though....
  12. Starting MB6582 build

    Hi.... hope you don't mind me asking @jaytee now have everything plugged back in.  have been testing voltage at JD9 and this seems to be 5v regardless of whether the control surface is connected. Is there somewhere else I should be testing the voltage? Also, where would you suggest testing current load? I'm not quite sure where in the circuit to put the multimeter. With no Control surface connections made at all, everything seems fine. I can plug in up to JD6 working right to left, and nothing seems amiss - LCD still displays correctly, etc. When I plug in JD7 there is a flickering character on the LCD occasionally... so that's worrying. When I plug in JD8, this is where the problems really begin. The LCD starts showing distorted text, extra characters etc. The Matrix lights up, but when you select a point on the matrix it seems to leave "trails" of light leading up to the point, or just display random lights. I am wondering if the transistors here might have been damaged somehow..... I assume they are controlling the LED matrix. I don't really see how that affects the LCD - maybe it is a power issue. thanks in advance for any advice!    
  13. Starting MB6582 build

    will do, sadly don't think I'll get to it until the weekend, but will get to it.  Was just wondering out loud if there might be a way round it if this turns out to be the issue.... thanks for all the help. Sort of wish I'd just used normal LEDs now, but we'll see!
  14. Starting MB6582 build

    ah, great, thanks - didn't realise that about the patches Am using PSU Option "E"  from this thread:  so the 5v rail is coming from this - RECOM POWER R-78B5.0-1.5L SWITCHING REGULATOR, 5V, 1.5A I'm just trying to desolder the connections from the CB to the base as the way I had attached them did not leave room for the case to shut. Once I have had chance to reconnect them i will take some voltage measurements and see what's happening to the 5v rail.  There are no SIDs at all in at the moment, and only three PICs, so if it is insufficient current it might be quite an issue to deal with.. but then is there any reason I couldn't use a larger switching regulator? Say this? i'm not all that learned about power supplies tbh....  would this have knock on effects on the capacitors required? I think not.... just wondering if anyone sees any obstacle!
  15. Starting MB6582 build

    thanks - yeah, I have sockets for the resistors. have tried a few combinations now - the fast changes in the matrix get through all the colours only when they are about 150R..... any higher and they don't operate very well, if the resistance gets high enough they just stay red, which I guess suggests they are probably drawing a lot of current to do the change.. There seems to be another issue as well though, as sometimes it starts and sometimes it doesn't and it feels like some of that is maybe to do with a loose connection/shorting in the cables joining the two halves. I can't shut the lid the way it is at the moment anyway, so need to give that some attention and remove it from the possible causes! Hoping not to have to start the control surface again, but not sure I am going to avoid it if I can't get all the LEDs on without fritzing the LCD or the buttons or something!... desoldering 100 LEDs may not go perfectly I am guessing! Also: there should be more than one patch in the memory banks on start up right? Something seems to be awry there too..... 
  16. Starting MB6582 build

    ah, thanks - so the cap at C3? Pretty sure I only have 10uf in there already, can I go even smaller? It's just smoothing the already regulated 5V right?  Do you remember what you used, or did you mean you'd changed it to 10uf? I wonder if it can go even lower, sounds from your thread here that it isn't actually doing very much...>   thanks for the help.  I guess it might be the current draw is just too big. Although it does start up sometimes - both this and the screen misbehaving seem worse when all the LEDs are connected. I think Hawkeye is probably right about the slow cycle LEDS being retriggered too often to colour change.  So I guess I will see if I can get it to reliably start up with the colour change LEDs in before thinking about changing all the slow ones for fast ones! I guess I might try some bigger resistors and see if I can get the current draw down..
  17. Starting MB6582 build

    Will try and find the data sheet - are both sets of leds matrixed that way? I did wonder if that was why the selection leds were not changing - they are slow change so maybe get reset before they can change. Annoying, but not the end of the world I guess. The matrix ones are fast change, and they seem to be working in some ways when MIOS is running. No idea what the fancy light show is about! Kinda odd.  Going to try switching out the shift registers first I think, unless I can think of a better idea! 
  18. Starting MB6582 build

    ok, so something even weirder now..... Sometimes it doesn't boot up MIOS, but it does do a pretty thrilling light show. I assume it should not do what it is doing in video 1 in the below instagram post? When this happens (usually when it's been turned off a while, it never seems to boot. Then a quick restart or two will make it do what happens in video 2...... Is video 2 a bit closer to what is supposed to happen when you turn it on? I also seem to be getting some slightly weird LCD screen stuff going on Do you think this might be fried Shift registers from the LCD incident? I think maybe I have to try replacing them anyway.... ho hum... Still, the light show is nice!    
  19. Starting MB6582 build

    hmmm, I'm on the point of actually putting some SIDs in.... unfortunately it seems like the colour change LEDS are maybe not going to work... or at least not properly! the ones in the Matrix seem to do three colours, rather than cycle all of them.  the other LEDs are staying resolutely red.... not quite sure what's going on here. Have tried 1k/220 and a resistor leg bridge... the lower the resistance the more the matrix seems to change colour, but it's still not right. Using resistor legs seems to mess with the LCD so that it displays random characters, which doesn't sound brilliant.... bit more exploring to do I guess... shame if they are going to stay red forever!
  20. Starting MB6582 build

    big thanks for the help people, feeling a step closer for sure now!  
  21. Starting MB6582 build

    thanks Wilhelm! Much appreciated - I think I probably blew my screen as well, so am going to try ordering a replacement that doesn't require the rewiring, but if I decide I must have the white on black in the future this might come in very handy! 
  22. Starting MB6582 build

    hmm, worried about all the shift registers as well now...
  23. Starting MB6582 build

    thanks - pretty sure, I can live with a black on white screen, so am going to order one now I think. I'm sure it's possible to mod it to work, but I'm worried enough about it all working properly anyway tbh! fingers crossed I didn't fry anything except the resistor I already replaced. not sure I hold out much hope for the transistor in the contrast circuit!
  24. Starting MB6582 build

    I was wondering this. So I could in theory skip that pin, but then I think it still needs the contrast circuit.... I think another screen is going to be easier.
  25. Starting MB6582 build

    nothing more helpful than that.  that's where I was arriving as well at looking at the sheet  -  pin 15 is out from the negative voltage generator. tbh I might just order a white on black version, which appears to be the right configuration rather than try and mess around too much...... thanks for helping I would have just had suspicions about it, but you kinda confirmed what I was thinking.