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  1. SID 6581 chips for sale (or exchange)

    No worries. I will PM you. Thanks.
  2. SID 6581 chips for sale (or exchange)

    Located in Norway.
  3. SID 6581 chips for sale (or exchange)

    Hi there.   Yes price please. I have 2 NOS 8580 R5 the latest model from 90s. And i am looking for at least 1 6581 (1284 su it's me best) to match the other 6581 in my Sammich. Trade could work, but if the price is nice, I rather buy all the 4 or trade the 2 8580 and buy the other 2. The 8580s are like new, used couple of hours then swaped with 6581s in my TherapSID.  Let us know. Thank you.
  4. In need of SID 6582 chips

    Hi there folks, New member here, can someone help me find 4 or 8 6582 chips? Thanks in advance.