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  1. Hi, I m using Eclipse Oxygen on OSX 10.14.2, the MIOS32 toolchain is installed as well as sdcc and gputils. Recompiling an existing projekt with make from the terminal works fine. But when I am opening for example one of the tutorial projects in eclipse the include command throws the exception unresolved inclusion. In the project properties I have selected the sdcc toolchain, but that does not work. I hope someone could help me. best Jakob
  2. OSX Skeleton Make Problem

    Problem was the sdcc version, with 2.8 everything works fine !
  3. Hello everyone, at first I want to thank everyone who pushed along this project, I'm quite impressed about what I have seen in this forum and on ucapps !!  My problem is that everytime I try to make the skeleton version 1.1 I'm getting an error saying that pic18f452.h is not found. I checked all the PATH variables and the mios toolchain is located at usr/local. Hopefully some can help me please, my hairs already stand to the mountain and I don't know what to try anymore. Osx version: 10.14.2 Gputils version: 1.5.0-1 Sdcc version: 3.8.0 My Error Code: WARNING: Command line option --use-non-free not present.          When compiling for PIC14/PIC16, please provide --use-non-free          to get access to device headers and libraries.          If you do not use these, you may provide --no-warn-non-free          to suppress this warning (not recommended). In file included from main.c:20: /usr/local/bin/../share/sdcc/include/pic16/pic18fregs.h:427:25: fatal error: pic18f452.h: No such file or directory compilation terminated. ./include/c/cmios.h:250: syntax error: token -> 'char' ; column 43 make: *** [_output/main.o] Error 1   best regards  Jakob